Grand Opening of Marini’s on 57 at Menara 3 Petronas

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Marini’s on 57
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Marini's on 52  5

The grand opening of Marini’s on 57 at Menara 3 Petronas on last Saturday night treated it’s guests with a luxurious evening invoking the senses of sight, taste and sound, coupled with amazing views.

Marini's on 52  7
Marini’s on 52 Malaysia’s Highest Rooftop Restaurant

As for me, I received an invitation call from Chef Federico Michieletto to be at the grand opening. I knew I was going to have an awesome experience. Returning from my Penang gastronomy trip, the Firefly touched down at 5.30pm. Got home within six, had a quick shower and picked something suitable to wear, I headed of the Marini’s on 57.

Marini's on 52  8
Overseeing KLCC Tower

Got there and signed in, I was ushered to the lift and button 57 was triggered. It was a smooth ride up within a minute or two. The door opened and Marini’s on 57 was on a full swing with music, party and people.

Marini's on 52  6
A Company of Friends

A stunning Cigar Lounge I told myself as bottles of sigle malt whisky were well flushed onto the wooden showcase. Loved the ambient of the room and lusty furnitures. Overseeing the city was un-escapeable. Definitely a view to die for. Crossing over the Bar was defintely a thrill modern setting filled with cocktails and champagne that night. Futuristice it was and how can one not noticing the glass ceiling incapsulated the room. Stunning!

Marini's on 52 1
A Mouth Watering Foie Gras

During this visit, I got my itchy fingers running over a few delicious italian gourmet that impressed me. For one the Burrata was excellent. Loved the portion and just tasted terrific. I would put it as esqusite! Being at this Italian restaurant, I would recommed to try out their foie gras that just melts away my heart. Lovely.

Marini's on 52  3
A Refreshing Burrata

Marini's on 52 2
Chef Federico Michieletto & Ms Suki

While I was there, I meet so many people . . .. . . . definitely it was a fabulous night to be . . . . Sidney Kan

Marini's on 52  4
My Gift from Marini’s on 57

Marini’s on 57Level 57, Menara 3 Petronas
Persiaran KLCC
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
500088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: +603 2161 2880/4880

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