Grand Launch MINORI The Royal Bintang Damansara Hotel

Minori Opens!
Harvesting authentic Japanese dining, wining & socializing experience!

Minori The Royal Chulan Damansara  3

After a month-long renovation and a RM2.0 million investment, the new chic Japanese dining haven opened its doors to offer patrons the ultimate Japanese dining experience . . . . . and I was there not to observed but to indulge with such a treat with my favourite delicious sashimi, sushi, teppanyaki and what’s added the night was the free flow of sake, champagne, wine, beers and beverages ! I was like living and dining with the famous ! :) It was definetely a grand openinig.

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The special invited guests comprising corporate movers and shakers, industry connoisseurs, well-loved celebrities and the media stepped into IT truly excited even bloggers were added onto the list. The Royale Bintang Damansara Hotel — house to Minori — to celebrate the auspicious opening, relishing a wholesome, authentic and unpretentious Japanese dining experience.

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Minori it self promises esthetics, practicality and functionality — giving birth to a more stylish and alluring ambience while retaining the charm and warmth of authentic Japan. Beneath the earthy and chic modern exteriors lies a fine Japanese dining haven with soul and at its most original. Very true !

Minori The Royal Chulan Damansara

Minori simply means ‘harvest’, intended to mirror the passion, diligence, dedication and time to create the finest Japanese cuisine. Just as a farmer patiently grows a bountiful harvest from a handful of seeds, Minori applies traditional Japanese culinary values to provide a fine Japanese gastronomic experience to guests.

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Minori is conceived from market sentiment which favours fine Japanese cuisine. The ever-growing love for quality Japanese cuisine coupled with the steadfast reputation of KL as a food hub amongst the locals and international visitors have propelled the whole F&B industry into Japanese mode. One can expect real, authentic Japanese cuisine at Minori.

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“If it’s not perfectly prepared, it’s not leaving the kitchen” — a personal philosophy and commitment Executive Chef Hideaki Nakajima holds dearly. The true-blood Japanese food mastro and culinary master with 20 years’ experience who helms Minori believes in preserving the authenticity of every dish to treat guests with a true taste of Japan.

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Minori houses Chef Nakajima and his culinary prowess has been recognized by the prestigious Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards, Malaysia Series for Best Executive Chef and Best Asian Cuisine Chef for 2010 – 2012.

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Minori is designed for those who enjoy Japanese food at its best and most authentic. The ambience allows you to take your time to dine whilst advocating a more relaxed social dining experience. A menu boasting more than 200 types of items comprise common Japanese favourites and unique cuisine which aim to please the fussiest of palates. Minori opens for business Mondays to Sundays between 12.00pm – 3.00pm, resuming 6.00pm – 10.30pm.

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Minori — “The soul of traditional Japan served in style” will draw people from all walks of life but share a common route for good wholesome Japanese cuisine. I will definited be back again for lushes creations, maybe today ! . . . .Sidney Kan

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