Di Wei at Empire Gallery Subang

Di Wei
Di Wei @ Empire Gallery Subang

Yet again I am back . . . . . yes eating and getting into my writing. Well I am sure you definitely noticed that I am truly slow on my blog updates but I am fast on my facebook updates. so do visit my facebook ! :)

So my latest eating venture was at Di Wei, a Chinese restaurant located on Level 1 of Empire Hotel, Empire Gallery Subang.

Di Wei Peking Duck
Di Wei Peking Duck

When we landed at the restaurant I found out that Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant (Empire Hotel Subang) was offering their Peking Duck at RM39.90++ per duck and you can also enjoy the 2nd course at RM15++. Yup you can indulge the carved Peking duck, finely cut cucumber sticks and scallion wrapped with pancakes and drizzled with awesome delicious homemade Hoi Sin sauce.

Well I got to expressed how excited to watch the well trained captain in carving the Peking duck. Every sliced was cut to perfection size and was perfectly wrapped.

Di Wei Peking Duck Pancake roll
Peking Duck Pancake Roll

I just love the smell of the Peking duck sipping through the pancake. I got to admite it was perfectly presented. It was delicious, sweetly moist by the Hoi Sin sauce and not only that it had a great biting texture as the roasted crisp duck skin had some meat to it. I like to have that way as I am a meaty person myself :) Nice !

Cofession – I had a few of the pancake rolls, . . . . . . .well not a lot by my standard . . . . .. yet actually I had five of them, super yummy!

Di Wei Prawn
Salad Prawn

Whne this plate came to the table,I truly cannot help of not noticing it. . . . . .. . . .So BIG! . . . … . . So Huge! by just looking at it, you just want to bite into it right away. Well I was salivating away. Yeah most of us looked like vultures ! believe me! lol ! At that second, I knew that I am going to have a great treat, indulging the prawn,. The texture was firm, nicely battered, crisp to perfection on the outside. So damned yummy! I was left crying for more! yeah it was so good! the coated sauce was also tangy-ly delicious.

Di Wei interior

Di Wei Seafood Noodle
Seafood Noodle

The air in the room went wild with great smell of “wok hei”. I knew it was the house special making it’s way to the centre court of the dining table, Di Wei Seafood Noodle. The noodle was gorgeously wok fried and the brown sauce just coated the noodle well. Smells good, taste good! :) The seafood topping was generous too.

Di Wei Pumpkin Chicken
Pumpkin Chicken

The Cehf speciality was Di Wei’s steamed pumpkin filled with braised chicken. I was intrigged by the tenderness of the ckicken, so refinely cooked. Love the looked of the pumpkin and I helped myself spponing the pumpkin flesh, nice soft and sweet. Definitely this dish goes well with rice.

Di Wei Deep fried crisp rice rolled over fresh rice noodle
Deep Fried Crisp Rice Roll and Wrapped Over with Fresh Rice Noodle

We also ordered the deep fried crispy rice roll with seafood fillings and rolled over a slab of fresh cooked flat noodle. This is defintely an interesting piece of refine work as biting into variation of texture can be so delightful. I felt so blessed.

Di Wei Greentea egg yolk cream
Greentea Salted Egg Yolk Cream

Interesting coloured they had thier slated egg yolk bao, usually I had them in yellow but here they had them in green. The bao was encapsulated with the greentea taste while the filling was not overly sweet. Nice.

Di Wei mango puree
Mango Puree

As for dessert we finish the meai with a mango puree filled with assortment of jelly. I like it as it was truly refreshing and delicious.

Di Wei Chef Thian
Chef Thian

During this visit we managed to meet up with the Chef Thian who lead the team at Di Wei. Love dining here, definitely a great place with great hidden talent and refined Chinese cuisine. . . . . . eat and drink at Di Wei, Sidney Kan

Di Wei Chinese Restaurant is located at Level 1 of Empire Hotel. The other entrance will be via Empire Shopping Gallery from the first floor. For reservations, please call 03-5565 1268 / 03-5565 1388

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