Hennessy X.O. Appreciation Grows Pre-Event Food Trail with Chef Michael Han in Penang

1 Chef Michael Han
Chef Michael Han

Rolling my luggage together with my large hand carry bag at Skypark Terminal I hopped onto a Firefly flight to Penang. This time my assignment is to meet up with Chef Michael Han for a day out food trail in the Penang Island.

2 signage Penang Laksa

A charming and talented chef I was told. Chef Michael Han. As we landed, we were urshed to the special charted bus and headed our way to G Hotel to pick up d’Chef. My heart was pumping with excitement upon knowing what is going to be installed for us through out the day. Laksa, Nasi Kandar, Char Kuih Teow, Hokkien Mee, Chee Cheong Fun and many more were illustrated within my imaginary mind. All came to play !

3 chef Michael Han and Penang Laksa
Learning from the Expert

First stop was Penang Road assam laksa. We were seated inside these old colonial coffeeshop. The air smells good filled with distinct fragant of laksa leafs. First thing we did at that moment was having our hands on a glass of chilled Hennessy X.O. on the rocks. We nearly filled up most of the tables waiting for luscious bowl of Penang’s famous assam laksa.

3a chef Michael han and laksa
Chef Michael Han befriended the Seller of the Assam Laksa – end up being the BEST buddies

It was really delicious even Chef Michael Han could not resisted himself of not finding out the secret of the assam laksa. He even befriended the master of the Assam Laksa. It was thrilled to watch them having a short private discussion. They smile to each other and we were not sure what had been put across themself. Yet it was still one of the BEST Assam Laksa !

4 ice kacang
Ice Kacang

Next stop was the New World Food Court where we tasted the ice kacang and pai tee. Chef himself studied the pai tee with such details. Maybe he have this in his mind for this coming deconstruction dinner. The ice kacang was definitely a thirst killer and refreshing.

5 pai tee
Pai Tee

6 Chef Michael Han and Penang Pai Tee

Next stop not far away was the Line Clear Restaurant. Here we qued for our Nasi Kandar. This place was flooded with seas of people. It served the best curries in town. Chicken, mutton, prawn, crab, fish head were cooked in many ways served right infront of you. It was awesome, the food was truly delicious. Putting Nasi Kandar into chef’s palate can be truly exciting.

7 nasi kandar line
Awesome variety of curry dishes served here at Line Clear Restaurant

8 Chef Micael Han and Nasi Kandar
Undoubtly a satisfying meal of Nasi Kandar

Everyone was raving about the curries they ate even when we were seated in the coach but what waited for us next was even exciting, Peang’s Char Kueh Teow. Ah Leng’s was the next stop.

10 Penang Char Kuih Teow
Ah Leng’s Char Kueh Teow

While waiting for our plates of Penang’s favopurite Char Kueh Teow, we pleased ourself with a glass of chilled Henessy XO. Evey stop we smells great food and here we knew it’s going to be a thrill and no frills.Ah Leng’s always came with huge prawns plus additional of mantis prawns too. The fresh rice noodle was put into play with additional of secret dark sauce. It was really delicious, one of the best based on my likings. Just superbly fried!

9 Chef Michael Han n Penang Char Kueh Keow
Chef Michael Han learning from the Pro

Even Chef Michael Han could not resist of not trying it out at Ah Leng !

11 Chef Michael Han eating Char Kueh Teow
Could not resist of not having it, Chef Michael Han

12 Fried Oyster
Penang’s Favourite Fried Oyster at Seng Thor Coffee Shop

How can one not having to taste the fried oyster when visiting Penang. We just did that @ Seng Thor coffee shop. The art of cooking was paraded in front of us. Huge dragon fire was at leached to make this specially delicious oyster pancake. Every step was a calculated move. Chef Michael Han was there to observe. I know he is going to add this into his coming dinner.

13 Penang Fried Oyster
One of the BEST kept secret – Fried Oyster

14 Meeting up with bloggers
Meeting up with bloggers for a private session

After the trail, we went back to the hotel for a short rest and continue to meet up with Chef Michael Han for a private session. He loved Assam Laksa as it was introduced to him when he was young and Penang food is not new to him. He saw what he wanted in Penang and had been in Penang for a few days ahead of us. He was exploring more food. He told us that he had something in mind for this coming dinner and reluctantly to share with. He wanted us to comeback to try his creation. Now he truly put us in true excitement. I will defintely be back to taste Chef Michael Han’s creation at this coming Hennessy X.O. Appreciation Grows Penang.
15 Bloggers with Chef Michael Han and Karen Ong
Food Bloggers with Chef Michael Han and Karen Ong

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