Having a Samsung WB150F


WOW! I am having an awesome time fiddling with the Samsung WB150F. This awesome gadget was gven to me for a try out. When I un-packaged the box, I found it was such a thrill, it was small and compact in size. The camera physically striked a post with direct information explaining that this Samsung WB150F came with 18x optical zoom, 24mm, Wide Angle, HD, Full Manual Mode and many more things embedded in. I felt so lucky of having ago with it.

shoot wow share wow

During this period: of 28 Aug – 26 Sept 2012, you can also participate strong>Shoot WOW! Share NOW! by just sharing a snapshot of Malaysia and add in a short caption (140 characters or less), to spice up the fabulous photo. Just click the online for registration or visit Samsung Malaysia website for more details.

One special feature I truly excited about is their embeded WIFI CONNECTIVITY!

with the Wifi Connectivity I can basically upload my selected photos straight to Facebook, Picasa, Photobucket, Emails, and more! Therefore you can take away the hassle of taking out the memory card, transfer its contents, upload it manually, with the Samsung WB150F, you can do it all just on the camera! How AWESOME ! :)

Not ponly that there is plenty of other outrages function embeded in the camera, for instant you can do plenty of things to the photos, such as Magic Frames, Picture in picture, Split shots, Artistic Brush, Photo & Movie Filters & Photo Editing

samsung 1



samsung 4


I like it just too awesome not to own one . . . . . Sidney Kan

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