Fu Li Lai Restaurant at Bandar Puchong Utama

A HIDDEN TREASURE located somewhere in Puchong

Spinach in Broth
Cooked Spinach in Broth

There had been too much of buffet lately for myself to indulge due to the holy fasting month. It was a blessing that I get to try so many spread of food. But recently I managed to get some time out to try out our local Chinese cuisine. Together with Ryan Siew my car racing buddy and his friends, we ventured to the unknown territory for a fabulous feast.

Deep Fried Talapia with Evapourated Milk
Deep Fried Talapia with Evapourated Milk

Ryan Siew took me to this place hidden gem within the most busiest surburb of Puchong. As we all know Puchong itself contained the most number of eateries within all the surburbs around the city. As for me I am not new to Puchong but Bandar Puchong Utama is truly a new haven place for me explore. First stop with the car drifter champ was at Fu Li Lai Restaurant, just located at the quiet end of Puchong nearly close to the toll heading towards Cyberjaya. Fu Li Lai itself defintely looked modest to me, enforced with simple tables and chairs parked from inside towards the side street of the restaurant. the first dish came to our table of eight was a large bowl of chicken broth cooked with silky spinach topped with salted egg yolk, century egg and fine strings of softly cooked eggs. Just love the tenderness of the spinach and the taste of bitings salted egg yolk, not overly cooked century eggs and foremost the tasty broth.

I lovely having talapia fish as the main dish served on a modest diiner as it is truly affordable. I usually had my talaipia fish steamed and carpeted it with delicious hot sweet chilli paste but here Fu Li Lai had their Talapia fish in a different style. It definitely caught me with a great joyful suprised as it came with such a delicious style and a total different way of cooking. Fu Li Lai had their talapia coated deep fried and coated with butter and evaporated milk. Great presentation, looked fabulous and tasted amazingly good. It totally charmed the eight of us, the whole table of us to be precise.

Yam Basket with Deep Fried Mantis Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk
Yam Basket with Deep Fried Mantis Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk

My favourite dish on line next was the yam basket. I just love the crisp on the out while the soft tsxture of yam paste inside. At Fu Li Lai had it’s yam basket filled up with delicious deep fried salted egg yolk mantis prawn. Both was well prepared and tasted good on it’s own but I would prefered the mantis prawns were coated with salted egg yolk sauce instead as it;s sauce will able to soak up into the crisp yam. But still it was very good in taste and texture.

Stir Fried Chicken with Myammar Spice in Chinese Style
Stir Fried Chicken with Myammar Spice in Chinese Style

The next chicken dish was a memoriable one as it was a total different in taste and flavour. We were presented with a wok fried chicken infused with Myammar frangrantly sweet spice called “Choh Kor”. I was amazed with this inventive dish done in Chinese style. So beautifully infused. A must try if you are coming here to dine.

Thai Chicken
Thai Chicken

Then came the chicken chop battered fried topped with shredded mango and coated with Thai sauce. It was not too bad in taste and went well with white rice.

Assam Seafood
Assam Seafood

We were told Fu Li Lai specialty was thier Assam Seafood. It came in such a spectcular white ceramic bowl and easily flushed it’s guests face with such a glory smile. It smell was really good and you can just imagine the goodness of this dish. It came with sizeable huge prawns, fresh squid, cuts of fish fillets and a mixture of vegetables soaked heavily the assam sauce. It was truky impressive, it jusk soaked me away with greatness and enjoyment. That;s how I empty my whole bowl of white rice. Perfetly delicious.

Wok Seared Prawns with supreme soy
Wok Seared Prawns with Supreme Soy

Well arranged and plated was the wok seared prawns carefully coated with delicious and succulent supreme soy, The prawns were very fresh that came with fabulous bitings, something I was craving for and the sauce soaked so well into the prawns. I was so enjoyed that I totally stop talking and was into my eating ! :)

Stir Fried Dragon Chives
Stir Fried Dragon Chives

Having to see my favourite light fried vegetable was truky exciting. Yes I had grew to enjoyed this new vegetable and I called it the dragon chives. It was done delightful and simple, just a quick wok fried with whole garlic and a touch of salt. Just perfecto!

Fu Li Lai is definitely a place I would recommend and if you are the one whole will be buying the dinner, I defintely assured your gueste will be thrilled for a awesome goodness meal! I definitely be back for another bash !

Thanks Ryan Siew . . . . . .. . where is our next drift ! :)

Fu Li Lai Restaurant
Jalan BPU2,
Bandar Puchong Utama

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  • August 7, 2012 - 3:39 pm | Permalink

    I wish I didn’t like Yam Basket so much – I know it’s fried and not good for me, but sometimes I just can’t stop. :-)

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