Mother’s Day Celebration at ROMANZA and Giveaways

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Romanza Le Restaurant @ Hock Choon Terrace,

Superb impressive French and Mediterranean Inspired Restaurant with a South African flair!

Having to drop by at ROMANZA can be such an amazing pampering thing to do over a lovely meal. I was there to observe, well I was there to try them out. I was truly impressed. It was a very lovely place to be, flushed over a romantice deco. Romantic black iron chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, elegant wall paper and the red, black and white furnishing the gave the place a superb comfort

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Glasses of Gran L’Orange were paraded on the centre dining table lookinf classy and making no effort to seduce the guests especially myself. A bright milky orangy in colour came with a touch of orange juice and splashed of Grenadine were the ingredients. The edges of the glass was rimmed with delicious blackcurrant sugar.

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This place just amazed me when we were seated. Conrad the head waiter and most of us addressed him as our awesome butler of the night. He gave out his 100% tip top service. He explained in great detail about the food and drinks. Just the perfect gentlemen. He spoke with a heavy British accent and honestly melts most of the lady guests that night. I was impressed and left feeling posh too for an hour or two. :)

Romanzo Mother's Day Menu B1

For the coming celebration of Mother’s Day, Romanza will be presenting a fusion of French and Mediterranean menu injected with a South African touch concocted by talented Head Chef Steven Kruger from Cape Town, South Africa. Accompanying his team is an extremely gifted beautiful and brilliant Pastry Chef Lauren Walsh and handsome Sous Chef Shaun Buys, both also from South Africa.

Romanzo Mother's Day Menu A1
Amuse Bouche of the day – a refined fresh marinated Tuna with Brunoise of Tomatoes, Onions and Plum Chutney finished with Alfalfa Sprouts and with Tobiko topping

Having to start my palette that evening was like igniting a slick racing engine. It was an amuse bouche that came with a ligth portion of coarsely chopped marinated tune with throw in chpped tomatoes, onions and plum chutney. It was good that came a lighted sourness, soft texture and managed to excite me without any doubt. It a great start off for the night.

Romanzo Mother's Day Menu D1
Gorgonzola Croquette with Pear Puree, Roasted Pears, Crisp Salad Leaves and Roasted Walnuts

The starter graced the table with such a grand entrance. I did not expect a generous portion to start with. The Gorgonzola Croquette was done crisp on the outside and make no mistake biting into it as pungent soft smell of gorgonzola cheese can be easily detected. I felt so glory.The pear was roasted to a soft liking texture and paired so well with the cheese. Biting into it will make you wanting for more. Just superb.

Romanzo Mother's Day Menu C1
Duo of Chicken, master stock roulade on a bed of a kimchee with crisp leeks, liver pate and served with a strawvberry salsa

Looked so impossible but it was so easy to eat them. That was how I can describe about this poule as the starter. A precision rolled of chicken breast cooked slowly over the oven can bring out a truly delicious dish. It was soft in tecture and moist inside. I had a small piece of it from my neighbour who jammed it with pate and a hint of strawberry salsa. It was nastily delicious. The devilish within me wanting to jump out to take the whole dish for himself. Yes it was heavenly good. My neighbour had the jus wiped clean with the accompained cake bread.

Romanzo Mother's Day Menu E1
Delicious hot Piri-piri sauce and homemade cake bread topped with feta cheese and roasted cherry tomato

Delicious homemade hot piri-piri sauce was just irresistable and as addictive as it was meant to be. As for the homemad cake braed , ti was just amazingly good. It came warm, soft and yet compact. Lovely and they had it topped with soft slightly melted feta cheese and lightly roasted sliced pulp tomatoes. Having this two together is the best secret of ROMANZA.

Romanzo Mother's Day Menu F1
Passion fruit sorbet with lime yoghurt and apple chip

As to proceed to our main we were splashed with chilled mouth-washing passion fruit sorbet with lime yoghurt. It was sour in taste but truly nice and came so compact. I was sitting craving for more. I was shouting to myself looking like a real nerd.

Romanzo Mother's Day Menu G1
Lamb Shank slow braised on spring onion seasonal vegetables topped with crushed mint peas finished off with a thyme juice

I just love the art of presenting of my Lamb Shank. My eyes were glowing with love. Pretty and sexy yet I felt the machoness in it. The colours were splash beautifully pon the platter. A big chunk of brown meaty mest was just waiting for me to fork in. My forking was just a constant movement of joy as I neverevr see myself in such a fantastic mood of eating. I truly like the texture of the lamb shank as it was not too overly soft as it still retaiined a biting texture. It has a hint of flake-ness in texture. The sauce was good too as it constantly laced over the lamb shank. I found the crushed peas sitting over the lamb shank was rather unique. Full on intense of colour. Overall it was a fabulous main!

Romanzo Mother's Day Menu J1.
Blackcurrant marinated duck breast pomme fondant, confit duck leg croquette flavoured with Chinese master, marinated red cabbage steamed vegetables, sauteed mushrooms finished with a red currant jus

When I saw what my neighbour was having, I nearly got fainted of joy. He had a duck dish. There I saw a march well behaved of sliced duck breast, so well browning. I went and begged for a sliced and I was lucky to have one. Those slices were sitting beautifully over a slow roasted potato which was superbly done. Now for a second I thought I was chewing into our “Roti Babi” but I was so wrong. I was actually biting into a crispy fried bread stuffed with shredded duck confit. It was such a thrill to eat !

Romanzo Mother's Day Menu H1.
Jade Perch pan seared pomme puree Thai red curry, mango salsa, seasonal vegetables and crisp leeks

As for the fish I managed to have a taste. I like the teture of the fish not too soft yet it had a texture in it. Nicely paan-seared to thrill and paired well with apple puree and mango salsa.

Romanzo Mother's Day Menu K1.
A re-inforcement of Honeycomb coated with White Chocolate, Choux Pastry filled with Vanilla Cream. Almond Parfait & Apple Sorbet

OMG! I was amazed with the dessert on that night. I just love what was placed on my plate. It truly kept me silence for a while. The combination of elements was good as it had a variation of texture and taste – soft, crisp, fragrant, warm and chilled. I was just terrific. I loved the honeycomb coated with white chcolate, it have crisp caramel sugar in it and the white chocolate just melts in my mouth within seconds. The almond parfait was still warm and and silky soft in texture and the sorbet just chilled me high down in just minute seconds. As for this dessert I was caught with such delight was their choux pastry. It was amazingly perfect in taste.

I fekt so blessed after such amazing dinding ecperience here at ROMANZA and due to such an amazing experience I will be giving away two Mother’s Day dinding voucher to the lucky one as mentioned below. I was totally be wildered and romaticize with good food at ROMANZA . . . . Sidney Kan
GIVEAWAYI am giving away two (2) food vouchers for Mother’s Day @ Romanza all you have to do is to tag 3 (THREE) of your friends on any of the photos located on my FACEBOOK SIDNEY KAN or and also leave a short comment on how you going to celebrate this coming Mother’s Day.

Term & Condition Apply (ends on mid-day 9th May)

Romanzo Mother's Day Menu
Romanzo Mother’s Day Menu

Mother’s Day Menu – @ Romanza Le Restaurant on Hock Choon Terrace for a meal at only RM130++. Kids a la carte menu also available. For reservations or enquiries please call Jo at 03-4245 6059, email Doors open at 12pm. Book a table in advance to avoid disappointment.


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    O M G… saliva…..ting……….!!! so so so regret didn’t go!!!!!!

    Give me a chance to go!!!! I’ve tag and commented!!!

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    Love the dessert most! Most probably the best dessert i have ever had! xD

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