Tong Kee Glutinous Rice Ball Taman Berkeley Klang

Tec Le Coffeeshop

Taman Berkeley is one of the most foodie heaven in Klang that offers a great range of delicious food starting from Bah Kut Teh, Pan Mee, Claypot Rice, Double Boiled Soups, Fried Porridge and many more to name. But on my discovery I found a small petite stall located at the five foot way of the Tec Le Coffeeshop. It was a sweet discovery !

Tong Kee Glutinous Rice Ball

A modest owner with a small stall encapsulated with a four by four feet table. Surprisingly it offers fabulous and delicious glutinous rice balls with gorgeous fillings – compacted peanut or black sesame.

Glutinous Rice Dough

I just adored the tenderness of the cooked glutinous rice ball. Biting into the oozing out fillings was just rained with pleasure. The filling was not overly sweet and yet tasted very refined. The sweet soup was lighty done and slightly infused with punch of slice ginger.

Black Sesame(left)and Peanut(right) Fillings

I just loved it. They too liked it. I was told it was one of the Klang BEST glutinous rice ball . . . . approved by Sidney Kan :)
Freshly Cooked Glutinous Rice Ball

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