The Ballroom Samsung Galaxy Agent 7.7

This is the continuation form A Wanted Murder – Agent 7.7

Agent 7.7

The ballroom was filled to the brim with dignitaries from the embassy. The villain was lurking amidst the crowd yet Agent 7.7 had to ensure he remains undetected. The sleek design of brushed metal makes him blend in perfectly with the occasion. Barely an hour into his arrival, he heard a loud piercing scream from the main hall.

It came from the Ambassador’s wife, Madam Maria Contreau. The Ambassador was unconsciously lying down on the floor. His face was icy cold and bleeding from the nose and ears.

“Any doctor around? . . . . . . . Please get the ambulance!”, desperately coming from Madam Maria Contreau.

We saw a guy in black suit rushing away from the scene and bang into the crowd while crashing into the serves. Plates, forks, knives, food and drinks went crashing onto the floor causing a loud bang.

We gave it chase.

“The ambassador was fatally wounded. A bodyguard asks him who did it, he points at Agent 7.7 and dies.”

Suddenly everyone was looking at us while the ambassador’s bodyguards were making a move heading towards our direction.

“Hey stop there don’t run”, one of the bodyguards shouted at Agent 7.7.

We dashed out quickly from the ballroom in trying to escape from the bodyguards. Screams were running through the ballroom. The place was totally havoc and a mess. We were running for our life.

Est Q had kept the car engine heated and was waiting just outside the lobby. We hopped into the car without thinking and speeded away.

Behind a gargoyle, he discovered a bomb. He now has 58minutes and 23seconds until the explosion!

Agent7.7 took out his Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and called back to HQ for assistance. He was put through to Martin Chase the bomb expert.

“Martin, I got a huge problem here. A black box with five wires- red, blue, green, black and a yellow”, a confused Agent 7.7 having his hands sweating with slightly shaking.

“Agent 7.7 calm down and not to worry we still can do it. Take a photo of the bomb and wire it to me from your Samsung Galaxy Tab7.7”, Martin reply.

Agent 7.7 took the photo and send to Martin.

“Listen here Agent 7.7, we only got less 10minutes left. This is not a complicated bomb and can be detonated. First cut off the red and black wire” strongly replied Martin.

“Done”, a swift reply from Agent 7.7

“Then slowly pull out the green and yellow wires”, Martin instructed.

The timer was flicking even faster now, only 2minutes left.

Agent 7.7 pulled those wires and the timer just stop flicking at 2 seconds.

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