Shanghai Cuisine at CHYNNA KL Hilton

Chynna 14
Welcoming Tea

It had been sometime now that I had updated my blog due to my busy schedule but I was very informative on my facebook: Sidney Kan. Yes I had been eating non-stop and Chynna was my latest stop over. I was lucky as my journalist friend insisted myself to follow along. Chynna at KL HIlton truly bring back fabulous sweet memoriies and I just love dishing into Chef Lam Hock Hin’s creation . . . . . Innovative, Creative and Distinctive.

Chynna 6
The Shanghai Feast

Can anyone would not fall in love with it’s deco and surrounding of this restaurant, Chynnna. For one I can’t. I need to sit down, chillled myself first with a Chinese porcelain tea cup filled up with sweet scented welcoming tea, The Eight Treasure Tea. When I was queitly seated, I realised I was here for a treat . . .gently explained by Nigel Gam, the host for the day. It was a mind blowing plated of dishes marching on a huge round dining table for only seven of us, we dined like an emperor and emperess except we were only cladded with our modern daytime clothing . . . . but our spirit of dining was definitely there. . . . . . . the truth I preferred to be casual and well, tell me about another story,the black tie dining. This is another story that I am going to keep to tell later once I had experience it. It will definitely be a another fabulous story.

Chynna 5
Spicy Boiled Fish

I just loved the presentation of the Spicy Boiled Fish. Elegant and yet truly sophisticated . . . . . . .one looked it can drive me to insanity due to it’s beauty. The taste was mild down compared to the one I had in Beijing as to cater our local taste. I just love the use of red mullet in this claypot dish.

ChynnaChynna 3
(left) Chef Lam Hock Hin and (right) Long Jing FresH Water Prawns

The mild shell-less fresh water prawn scented with Long Jing tea was done to perfection. Sweet an well scented. I would advice to try this dis frist before indulging other strong flavor dishes as it may overpowering our taste buds. Nice.

Chynna 4Chynna 8
(left) Smoked Fish

The Smoked fish was truly exciting. One of my favourite dish, goes welll eaten by itself or with white rice. It was a strong flavorful dish. It was deep fried and coated with sauce. Fabulously excited.

Chynna 7
Shanghai Fried Shrimp

Looking and adoring it was the thig to do. The Shanghai fried shrimps was so divine. The hard shelled prawns were filled with freshness while the coated sauce enhance the taste of the whole dish. It was a fabulous experience, just perfecto.

Chynna 13
Lion’s Head

I was bedazzled with the next dish. The Lion’s Head, something I don’t see often. This was the second meet with this such cultured dish that runs in my Chinese blood. It was a longing taste experience, it was my childhood favourite. Here it was done perfectly, soft and tender while the coated sauce make it perfectly succulent.

Chynna 12
Braised Baked Bran with Peanuts, Dry Lily and Black Fungus

Very uniquely done and with a touch of Chef Lam Hock Hin’s fine cooking artisanal, the strong>Braised Baked Bran with Peanuts, Dry Lily and Black Fungus was perfectly executed. It was truly tasty. The baked bran had a fabulous texture suting to the accompany ingredients, my favourit ones, tasty dried lily and crunchy black fungus.

Chynna 10
Stewed Sea Cucumber with Shrimps Roe

I always love indulging sea cucmber and I know why my face looked soft and smooth. Defineted it was the collegen coming from the sea cucumber. It was well braised till soften. Here the sauce played an important role as it enhanced the taste of the dish. Done perfect, lovely. I nearly had it all by myself that noon and now my face is totally filled with freshness.

Chynna 9
Stir Fried Four Colour Vegetables

I just love the way the vegetables was stir fried, it was crunchy and tasty. The vegetables were cut to the perfect sizes and colour make the whole so inviting to dish in. Delightful.

Chynna 11Chynna 1
(right) Mango Puree with Ice Cream

To leave with a sweet tooth, we had mango puree topped with ice cream. It was light and not overly portion. Just perfect for long lunch. I was truly satisfied with chef’s creation. . . . . . . .. . . . . .. a food lover, Sidney Kan

These authentic Shanghai cuicine crafted by Chef Lam Hock Hin ia available at CHYNNA KL Hilton from 1st April till 31st May 2012. For reservation and enquiries call +60(3) 2264 2592/2596

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