Safe by Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7

This is the continuation form The Ballroom Samsung Galaxy Agent 7.7

Agent 7.7

Agent 7.7 walks away from the explosion with a knowledge that it is all over. He knew that there was no way he could have solved this case without the help of the GALAXY Tab 7.7

The bodyguards saw the deactivated bomb. Without wasting time we left the scene as fast as we can and head back to the safe house.

Twist Plot:
Newspapers headlines: “Naked body of Agent 7.7 found dead in sea. Cause of death unknown.”

. . . . Agent 7.7 threw the newspaper at me. I grab it with dismay and gave him a smile.

“We have to do this so they will not be at your tail”, Est Q explained on the phone apps.

“The ambassador is the one behind the whole thing and he is found dead. You mission is accomplished Agent 7.7.” continued Est Q.

We were requested to take some time off before our next mission. I was thinking to head off to Napa Valley for a quiet stay. Indulging great wine.

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