Chasing Agent 7.7 and his Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

This is the continuation form Agent 7.7 and his Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 with a plot twist:

Agent 7.7 then felt a stinging sensation on his neck, injected involuntarily, and went unconscious.

Agent 7.7

Two big men carry him away from the party; one was totally bald and huge while the other was skinny and tall. Agent 7.7’s Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 was with him as we were able to pinpoint his location through a specially installed Google Maps™ tracker on my Galaxy Tab 7.7. They are on the move, quick too.

In a flash we dived towards our car parked at the basement and gave a chase, we were trailing not far from him. The navigator guided us, headed towards Petaling Jaya. My new white Volkswagen Scirocco was at speed reaching140km/hr.

We saw Agent 7.7 inside a black BMW-X5 and we managed to position our car side by side. We tried to stop the black BMW-X5 by overtaking it but it tried to run us out off the road. We were speeding. We were just a few inches apart. The baldy pointed the gun at me and tried to fire a shot at me. It missed and hit the windscreen. We were rained with broken glasses all over. My face was hit with cuts. My face was crying with bleeding.

Suddenly there was an on-coming car from the opposite direction heading toward me. To avoid being hit, my car went derailed and crashed onto a lamp post while the black BMW-X5 sped away. . . . . .

Input your creative spark into this story. Click here [linkto:FB tab] to submit your very own plot twister and a Samsung Galaxy 7.7 may be yours to win

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