This is the continuation form Chasing Agent 7.7 and his Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 with a plot twist:

To his horror, Google Maps showed the GALAXY Tab 7.7 was located at his very own HQ!

Agent 7.7

At Present

Smoking with Tablet

At Al-Amar Express, we were chilling ourselves after the accident. I was calming myself with an apple shisha. Agent 7.7 called and informed us to meet at the HQ. The Google Maps on my Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 pinpointed the location of his Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7, it was at the HQ.

I grabbed my jacket swiftly together with my 9mm caliber handgun and rushed to HQ. Upon arrival at HQ we meet up with Est Q.

“Agent 7.7 we found the Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 but the SD card with all the information had gone missing”, Est Q voiced at loud.

Agent 7.7 kept his silent and felt rather lost. Est Q was not happy with us and she suspected the SD card is now in the hands of Desmond Ong aka D.O., the god son of evil Dr. One.

“Here is Desmond Ong’s location and he will be attending the Minister Dinner at Tapis Rouge Restaurant, The Strand tomorrow. Make sure the SD card is found. ” Est Q continues.

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Be back on next Monday for more!

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