Penang Food Fest at Suria Cafe The Saujana Hotel

Penang Food Fest at Suria Cafe The Saujana Hotel

At recent Suria Cafe had celebrated a two weeks long Penang food festival with stalls serving warm and fresh food directly from their woks, pans and pots ! I tasted them and was totally impressed Food ranging from Penang fried rice noodle “Char Koay Teow”, oyster omlet “Oh Chien”, rice noodle roll “Chee Cheong Fun”, Hokkien prawn noodle and many other selection to be named.

Chef Desmond, Chef Wafi & Chef Badrol from Penang

Suria Cafe took the initiative to invited 3 stunning young Master Chef from Penang Chef Desmond, Chef Wafi and Chef Badrol. Chef Desmond specialised in the refinement of Chinese cuisine and his passion will be his hawker-style Penang Char Kuay Teow. Chef Wafi a well sought after Penang chef who specialised in the Malay and Western cuisine. Chef Badrol himself loves living his dreams and Penang fusion food is his best.

saujana6 mee mamakSaujana8 mee goreng mamak
Mee Goreng Mamak

saujana9 Kuay TaoSaujana7 Kuay Kao
Fried Kuay Kao

saujana5 char kway teow
Char Kway Teow

Saujana10 laksa
Assam Laksa

saujana3 pisang crepesaujana4 popiah
Mini Banana Crepe (left) and Mini Popiah (right)

Saujana12 RojakSaujana11 Rojak Buah
Rojak Mamak (left) and Rojak Buah (right)

saujana17 crab
Deep Fried Flower Crab

saujana18 rendang
Exclusive Beef Rendang

saujana19 curry prawn
Curry Prawn

saujana20 omellette
Refreshing Omelette

Saujana14 dessertsaujana15 dessert
Saujana14 dessertSaujana13 dessert
An Awesome Range of Well Selected Desserts

The food was plenty that night and totally fit for Kings. I just loved their beef rendang, done to perfection. The Assam laksa was exciting enough to add on the zest in me. Moving on to the Char Kuay Teow, it was done as close as the ones in Penang. I just got excited with the Rojak Mamak as I got to mix my own, it was a daring me but I had it spotted on. The banan crepe may looked simple but it was totally enchanting. I had had a dozen. I got to mention, Suria Cafe’s spread of dessert had never fail to encapsulate my heart, lovely done and divine. . . . . it was a fabulous choice to lunch and dine at Suria Cafe and never ever fails to impress me, Sidney Kan

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  • March 18, 2012 - 9:04 pm | Permalink

    Miss the taste of Fried Kuay Kaa and banana crepe..

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