Hi-Tea at Es.sence Kitchen Holiday Inn Melaka

essense kitchen
Essense Kitchen Holiday Inn Melaka

Having a weekend break with my family can be a fabulous thing to do and ventured to Melaka. Yes we had it short, a one night stay at Holiday Inn Melaka. It took us about 2 hours leisure drive from Petaling Jaya and it was truly comfort and smooth journey. We checked in at about 1.30pm and decided to take a rest before any venturing. We were hungry too and decided to lunch at Es.sence Kitchen, a buffet restaurant located on the 2nd floor of the hotel. Well I got to confessed that their hi-tea looked really good, going at RM40.80++.

essense kitchen dining room
The Dining Area

Once we had our luggage up to the room and a short rest we drove ourself out from our 10th floor deluxe room to Essense Kitchen on the 2nd floor. It was such a pleasant scene. the place was truly lifely with people dishing at the buffet counters. I just adored this restaurant as diners can have a fabulous seats overlooking directly across the Straits of Malacca. I got to confessed the it is one of the best sited hotels – soothing, with calming gentle breezes along with picturesque sights of the setting sun.

essense kitchen BBQ 1essense kitchen BBQ
essense kitchen beef satayessense kitchen chicken satay
BBQ and Satay Affair

I was given s surprised with their homemadee satay which came with the choice of beef or chicken, yes it was just fabulous. It was truly a typical satay which anyone would love to have, to taste and even to take home, . . . . I would. I guessed it was the beautiful craftmanshio being put together by the chef in creating such a beautiful suiting. You can bite into the texture of the satay and also the coarse of fresh herbs that lingered around the juicy meat. It was really special only can be taste here in Melaka at Holiday Inn, just perfctly unique. BBQ was on the offering too where marinated chicken, beef. prawns and sausages waiting to be picked up at the counter for charcoal blazing..

essense kitchen cucur udang
“Cucur Udang” Prawn Fritter

I had an eye on the prawn fritter “cucur udang” as it was cooked to light golden brown. It was truly a mouth washing fritter as it was soft, moist, tender and had a crisp coating, goese very well with the accompanied chilli sauce. Nect to it was the fish paste fritter lekur” that was done with a touch of crispiness and was truly a mouth teaser.

essense kitchen lekur
Lekur “fish paste fritter”

essense kitchen Pizza
Fresh Pizza

essense kitchen dim sunm
Dim Sum

I was prompted about their delicious pizza right out from the big burner oven and I got to agree with them it was lovely. while the Dim Sum especially the “Siew Mai” chicken dumpling was good too and guests kept the que going. :)

essense kitche chickenn
Deep Fried Nyonya Chicken

essense kitchen wanton
Deep Fired Wanton

essense kitchen Lam Mein
Nyonya Lam Mien

I just love the heavy section which contained of deep fried wanton, delicious deep fried Nyonya chicken, Portugese fish, Nyonya curry chicken and fried noodles and I had a few helpings. :)

essense kitchen dessert
Petite Dessert

essense kitchen peanut butter
Slurpy Peanut Butter

The dessert and sweet section were plentiful filled with local “kueh muih” pastry and puddings while intercontinental desserts were not left out and Ii painted a fabulous dessert scene. Essense Kitchen is definitely the place to have a comfort weekend Hi-Tea, it just filled me up with comfort and a fabulous day . . . . . Sidney Kan enjoyed!

Essence Kitchen
Holiday Inn Melaka
Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz
7500 Melaka
Tel No: +606 2859 000

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