Chef’s Dinner at Restaurant Mei Six Hin Gombak

CD Grant whisky
15-year-old Grant’s Heritage Reserve

Chef’s Dinner 2012 – Last night I was invited to a fabulous dinner make available by a group of op Chinese Chefs and just realised that I was sipping a discontinued bottle of 15-year-old Grant’s Heritage Reserve from the 1990s. It was so thrilling indeed and had it on the rocks ! and I was told that the whisky can only be available on auction or at colectors item.

CD Snow White Duck
Snow White Duckling

Snow White Duckling served chilled was the first dish platted on the dining table. I got to confessed here, I thought the dish was a myth but realising it was a dish to taste. A well selected duckling was used and marinated with supreme Chinese rice wine with added female ginseng cooked with in sous-vide method. It was just perfect and delicious. Handmade caramelised sauce (finely cut lemongrass and gelangal infused) accompanied with the dish too. Truly a memoriable dish and great way to start a superb dinner.

CD Slow Battered Fried Fresh Oyster and Fresh Mussel with Honey Sauce CD Slow Battered Fried Fresh Oyster and Fresh Mussel with Honey Sauce 1

The second dish was truly hitting the G spot and climax woould easily be reached. A huge dish flat platter filled with huge oyster sitting stylishly on it’s shell. Smells good, looked good and tasted fabulously making me salivating throuugh out the meal. A well crafted fresh oyster infused with local fresh mussel dipped in light battered and giving a deep fried treatment till light golden brown followed with a laced of honey sauce. It was superb, something different and taste fabulous. Just felt good like dining llike a King. A dish not to be missed. I had 3 pieces and it was enough to satisfied my desire.

CD Crisp Frog with Ginger Chips

I just loved biting into those sricp ginger chip that leaves a fabulous taste in my mouth and it nevers let me mouth gets bored. The frog meat was well marinated and had a great moist texture while crisp on the outside. Lovely it was, left with such a memoriable taste.

CD Sze Chuan Peppercorn Chicken

Sze Chuan Peppercorn Chicken was the top seller at this restaurant, fragrant and goes very well with white rice. It has a strong taste with the right balance of saltiness that came from the fish sauce and left use with a pitch of heatness coming from the szechuan pepper. Fragrant that inspired us for wanting more, very addictive.

CD Abalone fried rice with crabmeat and  anchovies

Instead of having plain white rice, we had fried rice and chef churned out an abalone fried rice that came with fresh crabmeat and topped with a dash of petite anchovies. It was done with fabulous taste, every grain was left to the taste of wild imagination but bitting into the abalones was a fun thing to do. A luxurious fried rice.

CD Vintage Vinegered Soup with Prawn Dumplings

We were truly lucky as we served a delcious soup at the end of our meal. It cme in sweet flirtatious way and how can one resist of not having a vintage vingered soup and with two hug prawn dunpling. The soup was fabulous and I was imformed the vinger was specially flown in from one of the province in China. Love and such a delicate soup, left me speechless,

CD Homemade Ang Ku

We were also had a specially handmade chines desser, a glutinous rice cake filled with mashed green bean callen “Ang Ku”. I got to congratulate the effort given by Chef Steven for preparing such a fabuloous well crafted dishes. It was terrific and if you would like to feast some of the dishes here do give then a call to advance booking casue they need advance preparation. . . . . . . . a fabulous night over such detailing dishes, love them to bits Sidney Kan
Restaurant Mei Six Hin
NO.G-62, Jalan Prima SG 3/1,
Prima Sri Gombak,
68100 Selangor.
Tel No?012-359 3109 (Steven) / 017-279 9927 (Winnie)

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    Baked Oyster look Yum!

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