Breakfast at Mai Samui Resort and Spa Koh Samui

breakfast at Mai Samu9

Just love my recent stay at Mai Samui Resort and Spa, the island of Koh Samui. A four days and three nights stay was just barely enough, wish it was longer. Defintely a place to be free, no hassle and rain with peaceful pleasure. During my stay at the resort, I was amazed with the breakfast served. It starts serving as early at six in the morning.

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The interior was encased with wooden solid texture on a wooden pavilion. It was an open air concept. Modern continential food was served together with some simple light Thai and Chinese dishes. A variety of cakes and drinks were served too. I just love having their softly done omelette and even their scramble eggs that came with sliced button mushrooms, chopped tomatoes and diced peppers. Bacon was plentiful.

breakfast at Mai Samui10breakfast at Mai Samui

Thai fried rice was on the buffet counter and so waste the meat dishes. I even make my own toasted bread glazed over butter and jam. Suprisingly porridge nakes its appearances. Pancakes with ice-cream was truly exciting. The ice-cream was realy delicious.

breakfast at Mai Samu2ibreakfast at Mai Samui3

The staffs were truly friendly and attentive to the customer needs. Always came with a charming smile. They even have a dedicated that cooks omelette and scramble eggs. Giving a compliment for such a delicous sausages sis a must.

breakfast at Mai Samui6breakfast at Mai Samui5

So delicious !

breakfast at Mai Samu4ibreakfast at Mai Samui1

Before I left my breakfast I had a cup of coffee to brighten my day . . . . . . .. enjoyed Sdney !

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