Agent 7.7 is fired !

This is the continuation form A Recorded Conversation on The SAMSUNG GALAXY Tab 7.7 with a plot twist:

Agent 7.7 receive a call from HQ and found out he’s fired.

Agent 7.7

Agent 7.7’s face turned black instantly and was truly furious. He smashed his bare-knuckle to the wall while blood was dripping through his fingers. He was really upset.

I don’t even dare to look at him. I kept quiet and faced down. Then we picked up a call from Shasha, a Russian spy and Agent 7.7’s lifetime admirer.

Shasha informed, “I got news for you Agent 7.7’s. We had intercepted a call, evil Dr. One will be meeting a Minister at Wua Ta Lap island tomorrow. Shall meet you at Lonprayah Pier at 4pm”.

We meet Shasha at the pier and took a private speed boat ride heading towards Wua Ta Lap island.

On the speedboat with Shasha

Est Q was on the line from HQ and assured us that we are still on the mission and had yet abandoned.

“Agent 7.7 please feedback your position when you are on the island”, Est Q requested.

We landed and jumped onto the Jeep heading towards the location.

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Be back on next Monday for more!

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