Le Virage Restaurant at Fisherman Village Koh Samui

Le Virage 1Le Virage
Le Virage

When we were at the Fisherman Village for the night market we noticed Le Virage as it was packed. It is a small western eatery that served pasta. pizza and french dishes. We loved the ambient which was not too loud the next evening. The waitress was prompt in her service, within a minute we shorted out our dinner. We order a fruit juice and a Singa beer followed by a pizza and a pasta dish. We wanted something light and not too heavy as we were rather tired after our Ang Thong National Marine Park trip.

Le Virage Carbonara
A Charming Carbonara

We ordered the carbonara and it was just superb. I just like the raw egg york presented on the summit of the pasta dish. It looked really elegant. The white sauce was just at the right texture, not too watery or either to starchy and it managed to laced over the pasta well. As for tase it was truly superb till I had it wiped clean.

Le Virage Pizza
The Queen Pizza

The Queen pizza came with a thin based while lwyered with a juicy tomato sauce base. I was suprised there were rather a generous of chess topping. It was a good warm pizza. Love it. A must try ! . . . . .Sidney Kan

Le Virage, Fisherman Village, Koh Samui Island

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