Yee Sang at Kim Ma Cantonese Fusion Restaurant of Palace of The Golden Horses

Toss to Goodness at Palace of the Golden Horses

Kim Ma Cantonese Fusion Restaurant

When I received the invitation from the award winning Kim Ma Cantonese Fusion Restaurant for a Yee Sang tossing, it filled myself with such a delight and joy. I knew about the famous Kim Ma Restaurant many years back when I was still a pre-matured blogger. I was at the Palace of the Golden Horses at that time reviewing their Italian cuisine which was incrediblity fabulous too. Upon learning about the famous Chef Roy Wong’s creation at Kim Ma it had drove my craving even stronger and at last I got an invitation to dine there. Very happy!

kim ma dining room
Kim Ma Dining Room

The award winning Kim Ma Cantonese Fusion Restaurant is an exotic oriental restaurant that serves contemporary Cantonese cuisine that will definitely tempt anyone’s taste buds. Why? I would put it simple, the presents of super duper Master Chef Roy Wong. Yup I just love indulging his touch of food crafting at total relaxation and comfort dining. Kim Ma which is named after the noble character of Golden Horse comes with a charming and yet glorious interior, bedded with red and gold interiors.

chef roy wong
Chef Roy Wong the Modern Interpretator of Cantonese Cuisine

I was informed that the restaurant uses fresh vegetable from the organic farm located at the hotel, planted using natural compass and no harmful pesticide. Another interesting about the hotel as it focuses on fresh, healthy and tasty food, thus the collaboration between Chef Roy Wong and Dr. Jia, the famous TCM practitioner of Golden Horses Health Sanctuary Wellness, in providing healthy herbal cuisine. Even the entire Kim Ma chefs are well trained with TCM knowledge and they prepared the food based on the herbs recommended for the dish. Just fabulous !

Yee Sang
Prosperity Yee Sang with Fresh Norwegian Salmon

When we seated and were gracious welcomed by Master Chef Roy Wong and his warm hospitality and wanting us to try his Chinese New Year creation for this year 2012. Master Chef Roy explained to us on his first prosperity Yee Sang dish that came will a dragon ball. It was defintely the centre piece to start off with. We had the sliced fresh Norwegian salmon to go with our Yee Sang and we were explained that the dragon ball was specially make from imported fined rice noodle as to symbolise the prosperity and wealth. I found the presentation was truly unique and amazingly well crafted. Just lovely. Now our food experience on their Chinese New Year Set Menu I valued at RM880++ begins.

The Norwegian Salmon for the Yee Sang

syruping the Yee Sangoil pouring
The Preparation of Yee Sang

Complete Yee Sang
The Yee Sang

I just love the tangy taste and the crisp texture of the Yee Sang, biting into it can be such a thrill thing to do and to eat ! I got to say there were a lot of slices of salmon being thrown in and every portion of chopsticking consist of a slice of salmon, nice. I truly enjoyed this dish.

Kim Ma’s Appetizer Combinations

Our entrement came with style and glamorous. It came on transparent square perspect while having a blink horse seatted as the centre piece. It was truly eye catching piece. Seated on was the tofu skin “aburaage” filled with noodle and squid. While deep fried chickenball with salted egg yolk accompanied the platter. It was definitely a great dish to begin with.

Double-Boiled Minced Chicken Broth with Fish Maw and Shark’s Fin

Now I just adored the soup, it caught me with such a desire of wanting more and yet not satisfied. :) I just love the creation and hard work being put into this refined bowll of soup. When I went to discover the essence on this creation, it got me into believing Master Chef Roy Wong did a fabuloous job, definitely one of the most dedicated chef who loves perfection in the art of culinary. The soup was boiled and simmered long hours with many mature chicken to produce a refined and dense soup till it turned slightly jelly texture. It tasted fabulously as I had a bowl all to myself. It was light and tasted truly intense. I got to compliment chef on his cooking artistry as he gave the fish maw a texture itself on the outside by giving it a brush of deep frying, crisp outsdie and soft inside. The shark fin tasted promently delectable as it soaked up the tasty chicken broth. Definitely a must have and I don’t mind having a few please. :)

Palace’s Special Roasted Chicken and Baked Chicken Chop with Black Sesame Sauce

I love the criso skin protruded on the roasted chicken, it was well roasted and beautifully placed at the centre of the plate while surrounded by the baked chicken chop that came with black sesame sauce. Both had caught my taste sense that both chicken dishes were different and complimented each other well. The roasted one was very moist inside while the baked one was crispy delicious. LOve the combination, both tasted different and I felt worth the money spend as it just like two in one dish. Tasted good!


Sautéed Tiger Prawns and Fish Fillet with Superior Fish Broth and Vermicelli

Then came the seafood dish and we had the sauteed tiger prawn and fish fillet with superior fish broth and vermicelli. It was really refreshing in taste and texture. The prawns and the sliced fish fillet were fresh and the biting textures for both were good. The suprior fish broth did complimented the dish so well as it gave the whole dish a pleasent delicious taste. It gave a great body to the dish.

money bag
Stir-Fried Hong Kong Kai Lan with Crispy Vegetarian Dumplings

I just love the Hong Kong kai lan as it was very crunchy while the sauce clearly gave it a refined taste. The whole dish looked generously prosper, having to watch the array of marching golden dumpling can be so inviting. The fdumpling filling was tasty indeed. Definitely a light dish to compliment the heavier once during the start. definitely a comfort dining experience with added artistry.

Yee-Fu Noodles with Assorted Fresh Mushrooms and Truffle Oil

I smelt something lovely at far even before it arrived on the serving tabl. It was this long “sampan” looked serving plate that filled with noodle. It came to my sense it was the smell of truffle oit that caught my sensivite nose. Got to say it was a pleasant smell. I just love the way it was fried, the Yee-Fu noodle and I like how the chef intensified the whole dish with adding truffle oil. Just filled with awesome blessing. One of my favourite dish that came with a simple noodle. Well done chef!

A “Sampan” of Noodle

Homemade Kiwi Beancurd with Mango Puree

We had two dessert, first came was the kiwi jelly which was nice in texture and lightly sweeten. The combinatio of the kiwi taste and mango puree just marriage well. Simple and yet tasted nice.

Baked Chinese Glutinous New Year Cake with Sugar Crisp

Then came an interesting dessert which our finale, it was a mushroom like figure of baked Chinese glutinous new year cake with sugar crisp topping. I got to confess that chef’s creative was beyond the boundry, it was terrificly delicious and chef himself was not satisfied and insisted of improving. I tought it was perfect. The glutinous cake was soft and had a great biting texture while the crisp crunchy topping gave a fabulous texture and taste. I just loved it and so was the invited guests.

It was a fabulous night and I would confessed that I truly loved Master Chef Roy Wong’s dedication creation and refining the Chinese cuisine, his cooking is definitely to die for, you will definitely put into the speechless mode if you get to taste his cooking. I know I did and when home with awesome joy . . . . . .Sidney Kan

Other Chef Roy Wong’s most notable signature dishes are Double-boiled Minced Chicken Broth with Fish Maw and Shimeiji Mushroom, Steamed Village Chicken with Wild Ginseng, Stewed Shanghai Duck in Claypot, Crispy Soft Shell Crab served with Steamed Pancake and Crispy Ginseng-Milk served with Baked Banana in Citrus Sauce to name a few. Head on over to savour the distinctive taste of Kim Ma Cantonese Fusion Restaurant, a place to fulfil your desires to eat, drink and be merry!

To usher in the year of the Dragon with a specifically prepared range of Chinese New Year Set menu catered for various guests’ preferences. Prices rasge from RM880.00++, RM988.00++, RM1,188.00++ and RM1,488.00++ per table of ten respectively. The promotion is valid from now until 9th January till 6th February 2012.

Kim Ma
Lobby level
Palace of the Golden Horses
12.00pm until 2.30pm / 6.30pm until 10.30pm
Telephone number : 03 8944 3784

9/1/2012 to 6/2/2012

Prosperity Yee Sang with Fresh Norwegian Salmon
Kim Ma’s Appetizer Combinations
Double-Boiled Minced Chicken Broth with Sea Cucumber and Superior Shark’s Fin
Stewed Chicken Drumstick with Chinese Herbs and Vegetables
Poached Grouper in Soy Sauce topped with Sautéed Prawn Meat with Beancurd Flower
Nai Pak Vegetable with Fresh Mushrooms and Egg in Superior Fish Broth
Fried Rice with Dried Oyster, Prawn and Salted Egg Yolk
Homemade Kiwi Beancurd with Mango Puree

9/1/2012 to 6/2/2012

Prosperity Yee Sang with Fresh Norwegian Salmon and Soft Shell Crab
Kim Ma’s Appetizer Combinations
Double-Boiled ‘Ming Mu Yu’ with Sea Whelk and Shark’s Fin
Smoked Poached Chicken with Stuffed Crispy Chicken Skin, Prawn Paste and Peanuts
Steamed Promfet with Ginger-Wine Sauce and Sauté Fillet with Scrambled Egg White
Stirfried Spinach Topped with Crab Roe Sauce and Crispy Prawn Meat
Ye-Fu Noodles with Dried Shrimp Roe, Enoki Mushrooms and Egg Plant
Coconut Pudding and Kidney Beans served with Cream of Pumpkin
Baked Chinese Glutinous New Year Cake with Sugar Crisp

9/1/2012 to 6/2/2012

Prosperity Yee Sang with Fresh Norwegian Salmon and Pacific Clam
Kim Ma’s Appetizer Combinations
Braised Superior Shark’s Fin with King Prawn
Steamed Village Chicken with Chinese Herbs
Combination of Baked Silver Cod with Marmite Sauce and Crispy Oyster
Poached Shiitake Mushrooms with Minced Chicken in Superior Broth
Stir-Fried Glutinous Rice with Seafood and Waxed Duck
Coconut Pudding and Kidney Beans served with Cream of Pumpkin
Baked Chinese Glutinous New Year Cake with Sugar Crisp


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