Yee Sang at Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya

Usher “LOH HEI” at Ee Cuisine Easten Hotel

Lou Sang
Tossing the Yee Sang

Its truly fun to take part in the tossing exercise during every dinner which happens during the the weeks of Chinese New Year. This time round I got the pleasure to stop at Ee Chinese Cuisine located in Eastin Hotel Petalng Jaya for a feast of Yee Sang. I felt so blessed this year upon recieving quite a few invitation. I just love the new look of Ee Chinese Cuisine, very modern interior and yet able to retain the comfort of Chinese chic atmosphere.

yee sangsalmon
lemon the salmonoiling the Yee Sang
Preparing the Yee Sang

On that night we had a gastronomic and attractive Yee Sang that came with thick sliced salmon. Everyone looked truly eagered, so uncontrollable wanting to lip-sink the Yee Sang. Here, almost all the extended pairs of chopstick were pointing towards the Yee Sang and I am sure bulging eyes were visible at that seconds. Yes we were like a gang of well behaved vulgures, it was truly too beautifully to resist.

Got to note this too, at Ee, Master Chef Yong will be showcaing six delicious combination of Yee Sang; sliced abalone, Japanese scallops and rice crackers, white tuna & rice crackers, salmon & rice crakers and not forgetting the vegeterian frsh seaweed and pear. I am sure any one of his creation will rope you into the festive mood. Yee Sang here starts from RM68.00++ for half portion of the vegeterian Yee Sang to RM268.00++ for a whole portion of sliced abalone Yee Sang.

double boiled shark fin bone with deluxe shhark fin with fish maw
Double Boiled Shark Fin Bone with Deluxe Shark Fin with Fish Maw

When I was introduced to shark bone soup, I fell so intrigged with its soup texture, very density and smoothness especially in taste. I find it very refined and I liked the feel of it. Just awesome. The fish maw had such a good biting texture, soft and thick and the density of the soup infused its flovour into the fis maw. It complimented each other very well, so it went with the processed shark fins. A very outstanding soup tasted on this year foor trail, one of my favourite.

Stir fried Prawn with seasonal green and scallop roll 3Stir fried Prawn with seasonal green and scallop roll
Stir fried Prawn with seasonal green and scallop roll 2Stir fried Prawn with seasonal green and scallop roll 1
Stir Fried Prawn with Seasonal Green and Scallop Roll

Every Chinese New Year dinner, prawn dishes are not being left out and here we were presented with a lovely two lovely combination of prawns and scallops. One was the stir fried peeled prawns with asparagus seated on a deep fried noodle casing while surrounded with scallop rolls. The prawns were truly inviting, I have at least two of the them, fresh and crunchy in texture. As for the scallops, it came deep fried with coated fine noodles. Truly it was well presented to the table. We enjoyed it.

Steamed Qing Yuan Village Chicken
Steamed Qing Yuan Village Chicken

Craving for a good chicken with rich texture, steamed Qing Yuan village chicken will defintely do the trick. The chicken was done to perfection, not too overly cooked and neither too raw. It was at the right texture and it had a great biting texture while the supreme soya sauce make its entry to complete the taste. Simple yet retained its refinement.

Steamed Century Garoupa  Traditional Style
Steamed Century Garoupa Traditional Style

Now I got to say I had been pretty pampered lately as indulging the centruy garoupa had been a routine for me. Braised, stewed but this time I had it this time, steamed. At one time, this fish was not likeable due to its rough and hard texture but since it was introduced in the cooking scene in Hong Kong everyone is raving about it. For me I just love the skin part which is thick and has great jelly texture. As the meat is harder than the daily fsh, most chefs ove to have it stew or barise. A simple dish here can brings out the best flavoour of the fish just can amaze you. Love it!

braised dried seafood bag with broccoli
Braised Dried Seafood Bag with Broccoli

I was surprised to meet up with Aburaage for the second time, definitely a well known ingredient to finger into. This round it was stuffed with braised sea cucumber and dried oyster. Such love the creativiy and the way of maximising ingredient, a mix match of ingredients can be very tasy. I just loved the idea. Excited me that night.

Claypot Rice with Waxed Meat
Stewed Fragrant Rice with Preserved Meats

Patiently I waited for my clay pot rice but only once a year I get to eat delicious it with assorted wax meat. Its fragantness is difficult to explain in detail but its a miracle rice pot. Keep ithem coming, I will definitely be claening them clean. Here a great mixture of chinese sausages and wax duck were presented.

Sweetened Red Bean Soupsesame ball
Sweetened Red Bean Soup & Sesame Ball

As to end the night we tried out the dessert and we had the sesame ball filled with dense peanut paste. It was lovely, the ball have a great crispy texture while the peanut paste jived up the craving findings. Washing off with a bowl of lightlly sweet read bean soup is un-avoidable. It was perfect for the night.

Master Chef Yong
Master Chef Yong

…………………………I maybe be crazy with Yee Sang but I truly enjoy them as they come differently in taste and texture, my craving on that night was fulfilled at the moment , . . . Sidney Kan )
For reunion dinners, Master Chef Yong has created 3 set menus for Ee Chinese Cuisine diners to choose from, guaranteeing a gastronomic experience!

The Reunion set menu starts from RM 1388++ and RM1788++ for a table of 10 persons.
As for the price of RM 2288++ for a table of 10, guests will be in for a treat as Ee Chinese Cuisine will present diners of this set menu with a special gift, to make a night to be remembered.
There is also set menu options for smaller group; Rm 518++ per table of 4 persons and RM 818++ per table of 6 persons.

For more enquiries, please call Ee Chinese Cuisine at Tel No: 603 – 7628 7338

Ee Chinese Cuisine
Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya
13, Jalan 16/11, Pusat Dagang Seksyen 16,
46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 7665 1111; Fax: +603 7665 9999



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    wow the chunks of shark fins are really good!

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    The shark fins soup is great!

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