The Dragon-i Chinese New Year Treasure Pots

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Dragon-i Chinese New Year Treasure Pot

At recent I attended a tasting event at Dragon-i, the guests included myself were showered with delicious gourmet. We were well seated and we kept busy with fresh fruit juices and Chinese tea while a huge colourful platter of ‘Yee Sang’ appeared right infront of us ready to be indulged. Got to confess, my main hard to resist mission was to smack lip myself into their famous treasure pot. This time I was informed that we were going to try out their Signature Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot which cost RM688++ that came with a mixture of the most exquisite quality Chinese foods available, including 6-heads braised premium Australian Abalones, premium Japanese Sea Cucumber, authentic shark’s fin, premium Japanese dried scallops, specially selected fish belly, premium fish maw and twelve more quality ingredients, filled with Dragon-i’s signature broth. It was totally a gastronomical indulgence, heaven to me.

Loh Sang
The Loh Sang Ritual at The Dragon-i

Loh Sang1Yee Sang1
Dragon-i Chinese New Year Yu Sheng

We started of with the Yu sheng that came with prawns and salmon raw fish, it was presented with beautiful colours that filled with excitement. “Adoreable as it looks, deliciously as it tastes.” Other selection is available too that comes with just salmon raw fish for RM48(half portion) and RM68(one portion) or fresh prawn with jelly fish at RM68(half portion) and RM78(half portion) or Australian abalone and salmon raw fish at RM98(half portion) and RM138(one portion). Truly a Chinese New Year delicacies.

Yee Sang
Yu Sheng topped with salmon raw fish and fresh prawn

roast piglet
Specially make available on that day Roast Piglet

We were lucky on that day as Dragon-i specially presented and treated us a whole roast piglet. It was truly fabulous as I was craving for it. It was roasted to perfection, the way I would like my piglet to be.

henry and chefs
CEO of Dragon-i Henry Yip Chun Hoong together with his two master chef introducing us their Treasure Pot

The Signature Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot: Abalone, Mushroom, Seacucumber & Sharkfin

Dragon-i also created the heavenly goodness Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot priced at RM388, and serves 6 to 8 people. Under the skilled hands of their chefs, the pot is prepared with ten-heads braised premium Chilean abalones, Australian sea cucumbers, Japanese dried scallops, Japanese dried Oysters, Premium Mushrooms, fresh sea prawns from Pantai Remis, fish maw, roast chicken, roast pork belly, Golden Money Bags, pork balls, abalone mushrooms, yam, black moss, Chinese cabbage, broccoli, deep-fried beancurd skin and radish in premium pork bone soup. The soup enhances the taste of the fresh ingredients, promising one juicy bite after another that will leave any food lover wanting more.

According to history, in the Chinese language, the Treasure Pot is known as Pen Cai, which literally means ‘a basin filled with food’. Filled with meats and vegetables, its irresistable taste is the result of all its ingredients soaking up the glorious juices and flavours from the soup and broth that have been braising in the pot. A tradition that came from the walled village communities in China where getting together to eat this massive meal was an important affair, it has now evolved into a festive event in many Asian countries. In Hong Kong, some places will set up outdoor seating with massive communal tables, each with its own Treasure Pot in the middle for everyone to dig in. Uniting everyone for a hearty and wholesome meal, it is no wonder the Treasure Pots have been one of the most significant dishes throughout Chinese celebrations.

abalone and sea cucumber
The Perfect Indulgience

Henry with treasure pot box
CEO of Dragon-i Henry Yip Chun Hoong The Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot takeaway

You can start ordering your Treasure Pots from 18th October 2011 until 26th February 2012. The Treasure Pots can be collected on any day between 18th Oct 2011 and 29th February 2012. To ensure that each customer gets only freshly prepared Treasure Pots, orders have to be made at least 3 days before collection. Treasure Pots are in high demand on festive seasons, so don’t miss out on our fantastic deals!

This year, customers of Dragon-i have the additional choice of ordering their Treasure Pots so they can enjoy their meals in the comfort of their own home. The Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot takeaway (priced at RM388) is properly froze and placed within a vacuum sealed container. Dragon-i insists on vacuum packing the Treasure Pot to ensure freshness of its ingredients, as the Pot is free of preservatives. The stainless steel container makes it easy for customers to heat up the Treasure Pot at home. Besides, to give everyone a better experience with the Treasure Pots, customers who purchase the dish via vouchers will receive a complimentary food thermometer that otherwise could be purchased at RM20. We make sure the content of the pot can easily be heated to up to 80 degrees celcius and above, so that our patrons can safely enjoy the delicious goodness of this exquisite dish. The special vouchers for the Treasure Pots can be purchased at any Dragon-i or Canton-i outlets from October until 15th December. On top of that, voucher holders get to enjoy up to RM50 cash rebate for their Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot. The vouchers are to be used before 22nd January 2012, which is the day of Chinese New Year’s Eve itself.

Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo and Mango in Pudding
Dessert: Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo and Mango in Pudding

Besides the flavorful Treasure Pots, Dragon-i has designed a special menu just to usher in the great fortune that awaits everyone. For example, seafood lovers can now enjoy wild caught Australian abalones that hail from Tasmania and prepared to perfection by their professional chefs. Chinese pork sausages made from premium quality fresh pork will definitely be a tasty addition to any festive meal. You will also love their beautifully packaged high quality pineapple shortcakes, which will serve to delight the taste buds.

For me, I am llucky as managed to taste them, had my treasure pot and Yu Sheng while cuddled myself home with their premium Chinese pork sausages and delicious pineapple shortcakes for my comfort festive celebration . . . . . truly and indulgende experience. Sidney Kan


CNY Promotions
Customers who place their orders for the Treasure Pots will enjoy cash discount up to RM50, and also receive a food thermometer worth RM20. In addition, with every purchase of the Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot, customers can enjoy ordering the following add-ons at a special price. Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot + BBQ Meat Combination can be ordered at RM488 (NRP: RM506) and Prosperity Abalone Treasure + Salmon Raw Fish Yu Sheng can be ordered at RM428 (NRP: RM456).
Furthermore, from 15th December 2011 to 29th February 2012, the first 5000 Hong Leong Bank cardholders can enjoy one of these special rebates at both Dragon-i and Canton-i. Cardholders can either get RM18 off their total bill of a minimum of RM180 & above or get a RM50 cash discount and receive a complimentary food thermometer while purchasing the Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot with their credit card.

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