My Absolut Vodka Cocktail Tower

Absolute Vodka
My Absolut Vodka Tower

Just before Chinese New Year I was invited to an awesome Absolut Vodka Cocktail Tower mixing at Ecobar. I just loved it as it was done truly personal and enjoyeable night as I got to make my own cocktail tower. I had mine with lime and orange juice. I even got the formulation to get it correctly done! :)

Absolute Vodka3
The Absolut Vodka Tower Recipe

It’s simply to make and tasted fabulous. Just add 400ml of Absolut Vodka into the tower, followed with 1400ml of juices. Pour in lots of ice, Continue stir and enjoy it.

Absolute Vodka.5jpg
My Pouring of Absolut Vodka

Absolute Vodka6
Mike Yip’s Flushed his Absolut Vodka

Absolute Vodka7
Adding in the Juices and Ice Cubes

It was delicious! I just loved the taste and chillness of this drink! Definitely a good choice for any celebration!

Absolute Vodka4
Solving the Jigsaw Puzzle

Absolute Vodka2
Mike Yip beat me to it !

Absolute Vodka1
My Favourite Mixer Bag

That evening I head home with my favourite cocktail bag! It was an awesome night! Next time I will defintely work harder to beat Mike! :) . . . .Sidney Kan

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  • January 30, 2012 - 12:45 pm | Permalink

    Nice vodka tower u had!

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