Dragon Feast and Yee Sang at Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant ParkRoyal Kuala Lumpur

Tropical Fruit Yee Sang
Yee Sang at Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant at Park Royal

DId I tell you that I was on a dragon feast recently . . . . . I guested not since I was totally hypnotised with the awesome delicious food experience at Si Chuan Dou Hua. This time without fail I had my indulge of Yee Sang, something different this round. Tropical fruit Yee Sang was platted for all the guests, vibrant colours with juicy attraction.

Tropical Fruit Yee Sang1
Tropical Fruit Yee Sang

I had it a year ago and I kept dreaming of it, now it make an appearance in front of me with such a great delight. I got to confess it was one of the most unique Yee Sang that balanced well in taste with a variety of sliced fruits. Not only fruits, there were some herbs infused in it too. Taste good, smell great!

lou sang
Tossing the Yee Sang aka “Lou Sang”

I just love tossing the Yee Sang, chosticking into it can be such a joy with a great wishing of prosperity and fabulouos health was the way to do it. We tossed our Yee Sang like a bunch of rowdies rather like a gentle soul! :) it was fun! some even shout as loud as possible to bring in the luck, health and joy!

The Restaurant’s Signature Eight Treasure Tea

The Chinese tea served by the tea server was the Eight Treasure Tea which contained Wolfberries, Red Dates, Chrysanthemum, Rock Sugar, Jasmine, Dried Longan, Billy Bob and Winter Oats. I was informed that it helps to cool down the body while able to flush out the oil in the oily food away from our internal system. The Chinese believes it has the healing effect to the body too.

Braised Mini shark fin sea treasure in butter cream superior stock
Braised Mini Shark Fin Sea Treasure in Butter Cream Superior Stock

Smooth and refreshing silky taste was our soup that was dressed over with cubed crab meat, scallop, sea cucumber and mini shark fin. The broth itself was totally densed with flavour that created a beautiful bowl of supreme soup with lots of biting texture . . . . how strange it looked with a drizzle of butter cream but it makes a different.

steamed fried spring chicken with chinese herbs and sea moss
Steamed Fried Spring Chicken with Chinese Herbs and Sea Moss

I just loved this spring chicken, Chef took the time to do double jod on this young chicken, fried first then steamed and turned out to be a beautiful delicious dish. Hvaving stuffed the chicken with Chinese herbs defintely a winner during such festive, Brewing itself with such delicious fragrances definitely cannot escape from my tasting. I was like a vulture waiting to strike a big feast! :) fabulous in taste, moist inside!

butter prawn with fragile oatmeal
Butter Prawn With Fragile Oatmeal

This prawns reminded me of another favourite chef of mine and too bad this time I was not able to taste his delightful cooking. Even he left the restaurant, his new replacement may not be as good as his but I also got to confess that the butter prawn here dished with fragile oatmeat is something to die for. It was brilliantly done and got me exciting as my desire was fulfilled, thank you chef. I love the crisp of the praawn and so deliciously coated with a light sauce and fragile oatmeal.

wok baked sea grouper with Lao Gan Ma and Sichuan chilli bean paste
Wok Baked Sea Grouper with Lao Gan Ma and Sichuan Chilli Bean Paste

Oh I got to inform, Si Chuan Dou Hua restaurant does fabulous hot and delicate dishes, their wok baked sea grouper with lao gan ma and Sichuan chilli bean paste is one of them. My eye was got frozen when I was the dish being placed right infront of me as it was coated with fabulous furry red chilli. I bowed towards it and whispered, “Lovely,I am having you tonight”.

Fried Rice with Seafood and Pumpkin
Fried Rice with Seafood and Pumpkin

It was as good as it looked, golden solid coated with cubed punpkin and seafood. Fragrantly executed without any mistake as it was the best fried rice that I ever comfronted as yet. Lovely intensified colour that make the whole dish so exciting. Delicious.

Szechuan Beef
Si Chuan Sliced Beef

Well, dining here without having their Si Chuan sliced beef is a sin. Yes cut the story short, the beef immersed in the oily layer of Si Chuan spiced soup was fantastic and extremely delicous. Once tried you will crave for more and not having another piece is defitely a joke. I was my favourite dish!

Crisp Pancake with Lotus Paste Filling

As for the dessert we ordered something light to share, we had crisp pancake filled with lotus paste, It was nice, crisp light and not too sweet. Very likeable.

Homemade Beancurd

Hmmmmmmmm…… my favourite dessert here at Si Chuan Dou Hua will defintely be their homemade beancurd that comes with light syrup amd wolfberries. It was truly simple, soft, smooth, silky and delicious . . . . .. . . . . I am so happy to be back for a feast of Yee Sang and a line up of febulous delicious dishes, Sidney Kan

Enjoy bountiful feast with Si Chuan Dou Hua specially prepared set meals. There is the ‘Chinese New Year’ set priced at RM688++ for 4 people and RM888++ for 6 people. For a group of 10 people, the restaurant offers the ‘Prosperity’, ‘Fortune’ and ‘Wealth’ sets priced from RM998++ onwards. For the health conscious diners, there is also a Vegetarian set menu at RM898++ per table of 10 people.


Prosperity Set Menu
RM 998++ per table of 10 people
Prosperity Tuna Yee Sang with Condiments
Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber and Fish Lips
Steamed Fried Spring Chicken with Chinese Herbs and Sea Moss
Steamed Live Patin Fish with Green Chilli and Sichuan Spicy Sauce
Butter Prawn with Oatmeal
Braised Black, White Mushroom, Dried Oyster with Green Vegetables
Hot and Sour Fried Rice with Silver Anchovies
Glutinous Rice Dumpling Filled with Candied Ginger


Fortune Set Menu
RM 1198++ per table of 10 People
Pearl Shark’s Fin, Soft Shell Crab Yee Sang with Condiments
Braised Mini Shark’s Fin with Sea Treasure in Butter Cream Superior Stock
Steamed Chicken with Sichuan Pepper and Chilli
Steamed Bamboo Fish with Garlic and Preserved Chilli Sauce
Wok-fried Crispy Prawns with Spicy Bean Sauce
Braised Fish Maw, Sliced Abalone, Sea Cucumber with Black Moss
Fried Rice with Chicken Sausage
Hot Sweetened Almond with Glutinous Rice Dumpling
Deep-fried Sweetened Glutinous Rice Cake with Sesame Seeds


Wealth Set Menu
RM 1398++ per table of 10 people
Sliced Abalone, Snow Pear Yee Sang with Assorted Shredded and Condiments
Double-Boiled Mini Supreme Shark’s Fin Soup, Sliced Abalone with Black Chicken, Dry Scallop and Fish Maw
Steamed Fried Spring Chicken with Chinese Herbs and Sea Moss
Steamed Star Grouper with ‘Tau Pan’ Sichuan Sauce
Two Varieties of Prawn
Wok-fried and Stir-Fried Prawn
Braised Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw
with Black Mushrooms and Dried Oyster
Fried Rice with Seafood and Dried Scallops
Chilled Mango & Chestnut with White Fungus and Sago
Deep-Fried Chinese New Year Cake Coated in Desiccated Coconut


Vegetarian Set Menu
RM 898++ per table of 10 people
Assorted Shredded Fresh Fruit Yee Sang with Condiments
Braised Vegetarian Shark’s Fin with Sea Treasure
Braised Vegetarian Abalone, Oyster and Black Mosswith Vegetables
Stir-Fried Vegetarian Fish with ‘Gong Bao’ Style
Stir-Fried Fresh Celery with Lotus Root, Mushroomand Black Fungus
Wok-Fried Fresh Abalone Mushroom with Ginger and Sichuan ‘Tau Pan’ Sauce
Fried Rice with Hong Kong Kailan
Glutinous Rice Dumpling Filled with Candied Ginger


Yee Sang
Size/ Half Portion/ Full Portion
Abalone Yee Sang/ RM 128++/ RM 228++
Superior Shark’s Fin Yee Sang/ RM 118++/ RM 228++
Salmon Yee Sang/ RM 88++/ RM 138++
Yellow Fin Tuna Yee Sang/ RM 98++/ RM 148++
Soft Shell Crab Yee Sang/ RM 78++/ RM 128++
Jelly Fish Yee Sang/ RM 60++/ RM 98++
Pacific Clams Yee Sang/ RM 68++/ RM 108++
Tropical Fruit Yee Sang/ RM 55++/ RM 88++

On the Side
Superior Shark’s Fin RM 88++
Sliced Abalone RM 98++
Soft Shell Crab RM 48++
Salmon RM 58++
Yellow Fin Tuna RM 68++
Pacific Clams RM 38++
Jellyfish RM 30++
Unagi RM 48++


Chinese New Year Set Menu
RM 688 ++ for 4 people

Jelly Fish Yee Sang
Braised Shark`s Fin Broth with Assorted Sea Food
Deep-Fried Cod Fish with Wasabi Sauce
Braised Pacific Clams, Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw with Dried Oyster with Sea Moss
Fried Rice with Seafood and Pumpkin
Deep- Fried Glutinous Rice Cake Balls with Lotus Root


Chinese New Year Set Menu
RM 888 ++ for 6 People

Salmon Fish Yee Sang
Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Scallop, Crab Meat and Crab Roe
Steamed Fried Spring Chicken with Chinese Herbs and Sea Moss
Wok Baked Sea Grouper Fish with ‘Lao Gan Ma’ and Sichuan Chilli Bean Paste
Braised Fish Maw Black Moss and Mushrooms with Vegetables
Fried Rice with Seafood and Pumpkin
Hot Sweetened Red Bean Puree with Glutinous Rice Dumpling


Prevailing government tax and service charge applicable

For reservations or enquiries, please call +603 2782 8303 or email douhua.prkul@parkroyalhotels.com

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant
PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2782 8301

Website: http://www.sichuandouhua.com/Pages/default.aspx


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    Yum Yum with the crispy pancake..

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    wah, the tea is so interesting,so many colourful ingredients.

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    Oooo! I super love the butter prawn! Absolutely mouth watering 😛

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