TVB Cast of No Regrets with Pensonic

Wayne Lai, Pierre Ngo, Nancy Wu & Raymond Wong

No Regrets is a 2010 TVB television drama from Hong Kong created and produced by Lee Tim-shing. The drama is the reboot successor of the 2009 award-winning drama Rosy Business, which was the second most-viewed drama in Hong Kong of the year by average. The cast from the No Regrets was in Kuala Lumpur recently to promote their No Regrets TV series showcasing from 21st November on Astro sponsored by Pensonic. The cast was truly awesome in keeping up with their fans, each of the cast sang their favourite song, had games partnering with the lucky fans, photgraphing and had a poster autographing. Not only that, fans were given a treat of a special delicious afternooon tea spree


Set in the late 1930s to late 1940s in Canton, Republic of China during World War II, No Regrets is an epic drama that centers on a triad family, the Guangzhou police force, and the Japanese occupation of the city. The Chinese title of No Regrets (?????????) literally translates to “Veiled Heroine, Ruthless Hero: Righteous Sea, Heroic Passion”, referring to both the chaotic period of war and the complicated relationship shared by the two main characters, Cheng Kau-mui (Sheren Tang) and Lau Sing (Wayne Lai).

Wayne Lai

Pierre Ngo

Raymond Wong

Nancy Wu trying shooting

Wayne Lai


Pierre Ngo portrays Tong Kat (??). Nicknamed Spareribs (??), a metaphorical phrase for “skinny weakling”, he is Sing’s good-natured friend and subordinate. Unlike Ngo’s portrayal of the villainous Chiang Bit-man in Rosy Business, Spareribs is a much simpler and kinder character. He has no ambition in life; he becomes a police officer only because he wants to live a steady life and raise a family

Raymond Wong portrays Yeung Yeung (??), Sing’s good friend and subordinate. Yeung, who has been best friends with Ching since they were children, develops a crush on Ching, but is too shy to express his feelings to her. He helps Ching the best he can in every way.


In No Regrets, Wayne Lai portrays Lau Sing (??), the leader of a police crew, who develops a peculiar affection towards Miss Kau. Although Sing is known to be very agitating, always talking in a sharp and harsh tongue, he is hard-working, intuitive, and heroic. According to Lai, he considers No Regrets to be his representative work. He describes Sing to be “experienced, but [he] has a sad fate.”

A group photo with fans


The cast with Nelson Chew of Pensonic

Myself with Pieere Ngo and Raymond Wong

So tune in for No Regrets this December on Astro !


  • December 7, 2011 - 2:43 pm | Permalink

    Very nice experience with all artist, who normally only can found them when switch on TV..

  • December 8, 2011 - 1:21 pm | Permalink

    wow wow wow… i wanna take pictures with Wayne Lai!!

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