Copacabana New Year’s Eve SOULed OUT Sri Hartamas

7atenine, WIP and SOULed OUT Sri Harts & Ampang!
Four Fabulous Outlets Fete The Festivities With Feasting & Fun

Copacabana New Year’s Eve SOULed OUT Sri Hartamas

Japan, Brazil, Goa, Ibiza, Arabia……..these are some of the settings where you can celebrate New Year’s Eve in inimitable style. Exceptional festive cuisine, luscious brews and funky entertainment will ensure that you, your friends and family usher in 2012 in style.

SOULed OUT Sri Harts – Copacabana (31 December 2011)

The vibrancy of Brazil provides the backdrop of a wet, fun filled New Year’s Eve party titled Copacabana! A beachy atmosphere abound with sand, sea and surf décor complemented by vivacious dancers and drummers will ensure that you greet 2012 with flourish. Kick off your shoes and get barefoot to boogie hard to DJ Augie’s cool dance music. At the stroke of midnight, be enthralled by a spectacular world class musical fireworks display befitting a celebration on Copacabana beach itself!

Upon arrival, be welcomed by a glass of tipple of your choice before you sink your teeth into a fabulous buffet with fresh oysters, Caldo De Res (Brazilian Beef Soup), grilled meats & seafood, Moqueca (Brazilian seafood stew) and loads more. Ticket prices: RM150 nett per person with first drink.

Souled out2
Cocktails @ SOULed OUT Sri Hartamas

As for me, I got the chance to indulge the food that schedule to be serve on the Copacabana New Year’s Eve night at SOULed OUT Sri Hartamas which was truly a food feast. As I was about to take my seat, all the cocktails were rushing to our table wanting to be owned. Variation of mojitos was created for our drinking pleasure, the classic mojito, peach mojito, apple mojito, dragaon mojito and lychee mojito. I drown myslef within seconds and felt such a chilled rushed, lovely and yet so divine.

Souled out5
Moqueca (Brazilian Seafood Stew)

When each of us was presented with a platter of small entrement selected from the mains, I knew I was in for an awesome pleasureable treatment. The Moqueca (Brazilian Seafood Stew) caught my attention right away, rich in bright yellow colour, soaked in with prawns and fish fillet which took my breath away. I just had my gravy clean dried, just too divine!

Souled out4
Five Spice Meat Kabobs

Next to it was two skewer of Fove Spice Meat Kabobs which tasted good even it was slightly cold as we were too busy snapping the photos of the dishes. Yet still tenderly juicy and keep to medium rare. Gilled perfectly to my liking. Splendid.

Souled out3
Tangy Salsa Stripes Chicken

Now it was about time to indulge the last item on the platter, Tangy Salsa Stripes Chicken. It was really a good piece of chicken meat flatten and grilled to the right texture. The salsa just moist the chicken to perfection! :)

Souled out1
Fried Beef Noodles

Now if you notice, SOULed OUT here is known for their local cuisine and one of them is their fried beef noodle. Tenderly soft and silky smooth like bay skin served with warm white egg sauce while their sliced beef topping was deliciously tender that melts throught your mouth. Toatally another flattering dish!

Souled out8
Sake San

I had been here for numerous time and this Sake San, crisp pizza topped with smoked salmon never failed to impress me. Just fabulous, light crisp base topped with refreshing slad leafs and sliced smoke salmon laced with mayannoise. I loved it and so was my neighbour who lkept raving about it.

Souled out7
Sizzling Lamb Cutlet

Well got to confess that I had this lamb cutlet before during my birthday bash at Souled Out Ampang and I just kept raving about it. The gravy was such a temptation. a dense red curry that coated the lamb cutlet, strong and well tasty. No sure about you but I just love it.

Souled out6
Lamb Shank

By then we were getting nearly full and I manage to have a bit of the Lamb Shank. The meat was soft and tender, definitely it was perfectly braised. The gravy taste good and not too overpowering. I wish I had more space to put more lamb shank. It was another good choice. Wink!

Souled out10
Lava Cake

After having a march of savoury dishes, it was about time to cleanse with some sweetie. We decided to go with the Lava cake. It was moist and also came with a scoop of ice cream to chill it a bit. The cake was a bit dry at the edges but yet we were spooning in for more. Nice dessert.

Souled out9
Brigadeiro (Chocolate Bonbon)

We also tasted the Brigadeiro (Chocolate Bonbon) that came as a petite chocolate tart coated with chocolate ganache, slightly sweet caramel, almond nut and cocoa powder. It was interesting sweet to try but I find it a bit strong for my taste. The night eneded with a cuppa of Earl gray tea over a chat . . . . . . defintely the New Eve Party would be a grand and exciting night and not to be miss, if you are looking for a pplace to usher the new year, here at Souled Out will defintely be the right place, good food and great atmosphere . . . . . . . Sidney Kan


Goa to Ibiza
WIP – Goa To Ibiza (31 December 2011)

The mood and vibes of renowned international party arenas is recreated for WIP’s New Year’s Eve bash entitled Goa to Ibiza. Paper lanterns will line the outlet creating a coastal resort atmosphere for all to party all the way to 2012. DJs AB and William spice up the dance floor with remixes and contemporary house music. Bar Dancers will be at hand to add an air of flirtatiousness to the night.

In line with the theme, food will be served on sticks and prepared either by grilling or by immersion into a hot pot. A plethora of seafood, meats, poultry and vegetables are offered accompanied by a variety of sauces. An oyster and BBQ pit complete the carnivorous onslaught. Ticket price : RM150 nett per person, comes with a first drink.

Arabian Nights
SOULed OUT Ampang – Arabian Nights (31 December 2011)

The exoticism and mysticism of the Middle East take centrestage at SOULed OUT Ampang with Arabian Nights as the theme. Soak in the atmosphere as belly dancers ply the outlet accompanied by a snake charmer and fire eaters. Shisha pipes will perfume the air with mystery as DJ Danny D belts out dance tracks to greet the new year.

Start your evening with a complimentary glass of tipple before feasting your eyes and palate on an exotic spread with dishes such as Tabbouleh, Fattoush & Hummus, skewers of Lamb Tikka, 5 Spice Chicken, Garlic Squid Tikka and much more. Ticket prices: RM130 nett per person with first drink.

7atenine – Geisha (31 December 2011)

Avant garde meets tradition at 7atenine’s New Year’s Eve party Geisha. Resplendent with touches of old world Japan with paper lanterns and umbrellas dotting the outlet, the vibe will be far from traditional with fringe dancers and staff decked in Harajuku styled outfits. The night will heat up when formidable female DJ duo P.I.C (Party In Control) spins an eclectic mix of adult house. The atmosphere is heightened when anime and geisha LED dancers bewitch all present. It will certainly be a fitting send off to 2011.

For dinner, revellers will be treated to Saketini shots and 8 platters of Japanese delicacies ranging from the popular Chirashi Zushi and Kaki Age to the more exotic Miso Swordfish, Salmon Tempura and Hamachi Nigiri. Ticket price: RM197nett per person with platter style Japanese cuisine & Saketini shots.

For information or tickets on WIP parties, call 03 2094 1789 / +6012 650 5722
For information or tickets on 7atenine parties, call 03 21617 789 / +6012 210 3055
For information or tickets on SOULed OUT Sri Harts parties, call 03 2300 1955 / +6012 200 1955
For information or tickets on SOULed OUT Ampang parties, call 03 2181 1626 / +6012 655 7622


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    Five Spice Meat Kabobs look great! Taste like a satay?

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    Happy New Year Sid

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