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Around the World with Michel Rolland

Recently I attended a marvellous occasion, a wine-pairing dinner presented by the Asia Pacific Brand Ambassador for “The Rolland Collection”, Mr.Dider Richer. “The Rolland Collection” is a range of Bordeaux wines that originated from Rolland’s hometown of Pomeral. Danny Rolland and Michel Rolland both is a world renowned oenologists who have put their passion and experience in Oenology. Through the years, the couple has added several French and International wines to their collection. During their travels they’ve also discovered wines from Argentina, South Africe and Spain, which have since become part of this exquisite wine collection.

Selection of Wines

“The Rolland Collection” was paraded gorgeously at The Restaurant at The Club Saujana Resort, Kuala Lumpur tahat night. We had a six course dinner which was complemented by some of the finest Rolland Collection wines and Mr. Richer personally took diners through a taste of some of the finest wine collection, for the start Ayala Zero Doasge NV, follow with Chateau La Grand Clotte Blanc (France 2007), Mariflor Pinot Noir (Argentina 2007), Campo Alegre (Toro, Spain 2008), Chateau Fontenil (Fronsac, France 2006) and Domaine Crozes Muscat de Riverslaltes (2005).

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The Table Setting

As for the evening, we were at play with wine glasses, forks, knives and spoons. The Restaurant’s Head Chef. Austrain born Chef Alexander Waschl who has 16 Gault Milau points previously in Switzerland kept us at a great comfort. This time Chef himself truly showcased an applaudng refined and exciting culinary yet filled with simplicity. That night for example his Pan-Seared Duck Breast caught me speechless with such delight. His dishes was a spot on pairing and the guests that shared my table agreed with me too.

Ayala Zero Dosage NV

I was already knocking my champagne glasses before we were even seated at our table, that’s how bad I was when I smell lovely bubbly be-dazzled Champange, the Ayala Zero Dosage NV. Well blamed it to the waitress as I just a moderate drinker. I just love the aromatic smell bursting out from my glass and its golden colour caught my attention. It was definitely smooth and came with a hint of fruitiness yet with a taste of dryness. A very lovely liquid gold with bubbly touch . . . . a must for a great start.

Home Dried Rock Melon
Home Dried Rock Melon – Smoked Mozzarella, 24years Aged Balsamic

I just loved the pairing of the sweetness of the rock melon and complemented the wine so gorgeously and having the present of smoked mozzarella just burst the flavourosme in my mouth within seconds. Fabulous to begin with.

Chateau La Grande-Clotte Blanc
Chateau La Grande-Clotte Blanc

Expression of Salmon
Expression of Salmon – Beetroot, Horseradish

The Expression of Salmon – Beetroot, Horseradish was platted so gorgeously on a flat piece of black volcanic rock and paired with the Chateau La Grande-Clotte Blanc. Lovely yellow liquid lingering inside my glass that kept me going while I was enjoying the light aroma of flora and fruitiness of this wine. Pairing the salmon was just the perfect thing to do, light and yet very refreshing. Even myself not a great fan of beetroot, I found it to be very exciting. Just perfect!

Pan Seared  Duck Breast
Pan Seared Duck Breast – Pot Rosated White Cabbage, Deep Fried Ravioli paired with Mariflor Pinot Noir, Argentina 2007

I was amazed with the warm feeling texture of the Pan Seared Duck Breast, the pinkishness itself that caught my imagination and excitement. Next to it was this ugly looking deep fried ravioli which tasted fabulous, never judge by its looks. discover ths inside. Crisp pastry filled with aromatic mince with such delight. Pairing the meat dish witn Mariflor Pinot Noir, Argentina 2007 was magnificant to my taste, flourish with concerntrated red fruit and hinted of spice. I felt so cuddly.

Blueberry Granita was then followed to refesh my taste and to clean my taste pallete.

Olive and Herbs Poached Saddle of Lamb
Olive and Herbs Poached Saddle of Lamb – Creamy Polenta, Sauteed Peppers paired with Campo Alegre, Toro, Spain 2008

Next came a very modest looking dish filled with supreme simplicity, the Olive and Herbs Poached Saddle of Lamb – Creamy Polenta, Sauteed Peppers. The lamb was superbly done, moist and tender. As to zest it up, Campo Algre 2008 Toro from Spain came to play which was elegant paired that came with a taste of black berry and a hint of peppery taste that make me felt so slick. Lovely.

Strip of Milk fed Beef
Strip of Milk fed Beef – Red Wine Braised Beef Cheek with Truffle Potato Blini Mousse Line paired with Chateau Fontenil, Fronsac, France 2006

The milk fed beef was next the beef cheek was braised in red wine whick kept the refined texture, tenderly soft and I also adored the truffle potato, lovely done. while indulging the dish, I managed to continue sipping into the next glass filled with Chateau Fontenil, Fronsac which had a hint of black berries, spices and I detected the present of toasted oak, nice.

Extension of Chocolate
Extension of Chocolate – Chocolate Passion Fruit Cake, Dark Chocolate Mousse, White Chocolate Ice Cream paired with Domaine Crazes Muscat de Riversaltes 2005

As the night getting to the end, I got totally nuts with the dessert, a Chocolate Passion Fruit Cake, Dark Chocolate Mousse, White Chocolate Ice Cream. The cake was just fabulous and taste awesome while spooing into the ice cream make me craved for more. It was just a superb dessert and the dessert wine was just nice, not too strong and overpowering with sweetness. Love it!

It was definitely a night to remember, fabulous food, awesome wine, defintely a refined pairing. . . . .Sidney Kan

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    Olive and Herbs Poached Saddle of Lamb paired with Campo Alegre… Macum perfect Match!

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