Yue Yang Lou Restaurant Sunway Mentari

Appetizers – Spicy “Mok Yee” Black Fungus & Crispy Spiced Japanese Cucumber

Located in Sunway Mentari where I found this awesome restaurant that serves spice and hot dishes called Yue Yang Lou. As we were seated at the table came right away the mouth teasing Chinese tapas. Spicy “Mok Yee” Black Fungus was placed cheerfully right infront of me while the Crispy Spiced Japanese Cucumber tucked safely beside me. I go to say both was such a seductress, crunchy black fungus and crispy yet juicy cucumber.

Appetizers – Braised Pig’s Ear & Hot Beancurd Sheet

Not only two but then came anothe two small plates of appetizer, the delicious crunchy Braised Pig’s Ear and the spicy Hot Beancurd Sheet. All the small portion of entrement was just amusingly del;icious and truly open up of appetite and wanting to explore more here at Yue Yang Lou.

Stir Fried “Beijing” Cabbage

First came the vegetable dish, Stir Fried “Beijing” Cabbage served drizzling warm right out from the kitchen. It looked simple and easy to make but one bite, it can jjust amazed you. It was truly heaven, it was so well fried with hinted chilli and so well seasoned in taste. It is so difficult to explain but it is truly delicious. I was told, some guests just came to restaurant to indulge just this dish, definitely a must order.

Stir Fried Salted Cabbage with Green Bean Potato Starch Sheet

Next was a unique dish which I don’t always find it at any restaurant, fried Green Bean Potato Starch Sheet, a light translucent short strips of noodle. Here at this restaurant, salted cabbage was added into it to enchanced the taste and flavour which was done it great style, I like it, something different.

“Hunan” Local Style Sizzling Skewered Ostrich Meat

Well who can resist not having the next dish, the Hunan Local Style Sizzling Skewered Ostrich Meat. I truly love the spiciness of the dish and the texture of the ostrich meat. The taste was truly a pleasure and I had at least 4 skewers. Beware as it is a bit spicy.

“Uncle Mao’s” Special Braised Pork

I felt delighted when I saw the “Uncle Mao’s” Special Braised Pork seated infront of me. “Indeed so well prepared and cooked”, I told myself. You can just spot the beauty layers of meat and fatsof the pork belly on this dish. It was so well brasied till tender and soft as it just melts in your wouth. Just marvellous,

Hot Spicy Fresh Frog in Stone Sizzling “Hunan” Style

Wow I was amazed looking at the next dish, a frog dish done in spicy hot over a sizzling stone plate in Hunan style. Suprising the meat was very refreshing and tender while the hot spicy sauce kept us eating more. Yeah this one can be very addictive.

Deep Fried Spicy Chicken Soft Knee Bone

I just love this next dish, beautifully executed with any doubt. I got to say this Deep Fried Spicy Chicken Soft Knee Bone was very fragrantly done with fish sauce with a bit of Chinese wine and yet kept to crisp. I was really gorgeous.

Supreme “Water Fish” Soup with Chinese Herb

The soup we had that night was the Supreme “Water Fish” Soup with Chinese Herb. The soup was tasty and I just like the texture of the Water Fish especially the jelly part. If you are game for it, I will defintely recommend this soup. It was lovely.

Supreme “Water Fish” Soup with Chinese Herb

Hot Spicy Steamed Fish Head in “Hunan Specialty”

This how I would describe the nex dish, “Chasing the dragon”. I just love the way the dish head was prepred, simple and yet it was classic. The salted chilli sauce played the main role in turning this dish into a beautiful palate. The taste and colour was just perfectly planned. It was one of my favourite dish and don’t think you can replicate it at any restaurant. Yes I=it was perfect!

Steamed Fresh Concubine Fish

The next Steamed Fresh Concubine Fish was interesting dish. It was so well plated as the fish was refinely sliced and steamed to perfection. It was a light dish for me but must have it while it is still warm.

Deep Fried Bee Hive with Corn

We had an interesting dessert and mostly warm dessert and for one we tried their Deep Fried Bee Hive with Corn. It was so fluffily done and crispy while the sweet corn just make its way to tempt me like a devil, totally devilish me!

Golden “Mandao”

Homemade Potato Pancake

The Golden Mandao did not excite me as it was nothing unique but lacing it with condensed milk, it truly taste interesting. Turning to the homemade potato pancake, it was slight similar to the first two but the gummy texture got me excited, lovely.

Yue Yang Lou definitely my favourite restaurant as it has he most spicy selection of dishes and I just love hot spicy dishes. this is one the restaurant worth coming back to explore . . . . . . . . I am so so hot, Sidney Kan

Restoran Yue Yang Lou
No 23A, Jalan PJS 8/17,
Dataran Mentari Bandar Sunway
46150 PJ, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 603 5622 2129
Fax: 603 5622 2043


  • November 22, 2011 - 6:48 pm | Permalink

    What fantastic food! I am drooling…



  • November 22, 2011 - 8:24 pm | Permalink

    Like their dessert.. Very unique!! Deep Fried Bee Hive with Corn

  • November 23, 2011 - 10:46 am | Permalink

    The land of spicy!! :0)

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