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I just love October as it is the time to enjoy some refined, cultivated and well crafted food especially during this year MIGF 2011 (Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2011). My first festival stop was at this sophisticated place called The Restaurant located at the Club, Suajana. I got to say, I knew that I was going to drown with full of pampering even before my arrival as always I am well taken by Pat, the General Manager of the Club. In my own discrete believe, The Club is one of the best place to stay that comes with great hospitality, fill with good food and luxurious pampering.

home dried watermelon Carpaccio 1
Indulging The Carpaccio

That night the atmosphere at The Restaurant was truly filled with delicious excitement and we were the first few guests got invited to taste the whole MIGF 2011 menu specially designed and prepared by Master Chef Alexander Washl. Well, here as noted, I got to confess that I am a great fan of this innovative young talented chef. I was already indulging away with his cooking when he just barely a week arrived here in Malaysia, I was truly a lucky man.

With his experience as a Sous Chef at The Grand Hotel Kronenhof in Switzerland, Chef Alexander Washl’s task was to create the menus at the Kronenstubli Gourmet Restaurant which was awarded 16 Gault Millau points, the equivalent of a Michelin Star. This 30 years old Chef Alexander Waschl will definitely brings a fresh and exciting edge to the KL’s culinary scene.

home dried watermelon Carpaccio
Home Dried Watermelon Carpaccio

To start with a definitely award wining dish was truly a winning bet. It came with a flat rectangular black stone plate and seated over by a deep red fine strip of dried watermelon. It looked geniusly as I was easily be fooled that it was a piece of finely cut raw wagyu beef, excellent. The texture was really good especially after spending a few hours of slow baking under a low temperature. It had an after crisp texture while the cream intensify the overall taste. The verdict: Innovative, exciting and very believeable . . . just perfect and totally impressive.

Lobster Bisque with Lobster Grissini
Lobster Bisque with Lobster Grissini

Next was a shot of Lobster Bisque that came with the Lobster Grissini. The Lobster Bisque was flavoursome and definitely very refreshing. Biting into the petite Lobster Grissini was truly an encapsulating experience that kept the momentum going. A short taste of the heavenly pastry and washed down with a touch of exotic liquid was the moment of the night, that was how I would described my experience.

gals 1
Ladies with Beautiful Faces

Crab Cannelloni
Crab Cannelloni with Lemon Grass Curry and Ginger

The next dish was something uniquely different, a modern fine dining dish infused with local taste can be very bold and exciting while getting the right right taste would be a task. My thoughts at at moment, Chef Alexander had executed it very well. Defintely a very balance dish with awesome texture, smell and flavour. Having to stuff the cannelloni with crab meat was truly a playful thing to do as we were craving for more but only to find it came had only one piece. The whole table was laughing with such a desire for more. With the disbelief we found the replacement of fulfilling underneath the cannelloni, we just fall for the pungently piece of steamed crab meat paste. It had a great light after taste of lemon grass, curry and ginger. Defintely a daring creation which end with such a great taste.

white wine
Cloud Bay

Clear Oxtail Consomme
Clear Oxtail Consomme with Ravioli

Looking at the smiles running across the table truly signals me that I am in for a great treat. When I geared for my first sipping of the light brown consomme it got me excited too as the flavour of the consomme was just intensifying, it just encapsulated in my mouth discharging such a pleasant aroma and taste. The ravioli was terrific, just at the right al dente texture and so mind pleasing. The oxtail fillings was superb, something I would like to have. I would not mind having another one or two pieces. That’s great!

Clear Oxtail Consomme 1
Oxtail Ravioli

Olive Oil Poached Halibut
Olive Oil Poached Halibut Corriander Drizle with Spiced Cream

Having a main dish here at The Restaurant is a must. My Halibut fish was truly interesting as it had a middle eastern touch in flavour. It was done tender in texture and definitely a healty dish. The excitement actually came from the spice cream and all the guests were amazed with the taste. Fragrantly spiced with a touch of light sourish sweet, it was a sure pleaser.

Veal Assiette
Veal Assiette

I was drown with such an amazed when the next main dish came seated infront of me. A tri-veal dish, they came in braised, pan fried and deep fried. I just love the biting texture of the braised veal, tender and moist. The sauce was really rich in flavour. The thick chunk of veal was very well sealed as the texture was left pinkish. It was delicious. As for veal wanton, the skin was slightly thick but still tasted rather good.

red wine

Those Pretty Guests

VAcherin Ice Cream Port Wine Plum
Vacherin Ice Cream Port Wine Plum

The next sweet treat was so delightful, just felt like a two year old little boy enjoying a good piece of ice cream. On that night I was enjoying the Vacherin Ice Cream Port Wine Plum, just love the taste of the Vacherin ice cream a soft cheese ice cream. It had a very memoreable taste of strong flavoured cheese paring with plum soaked with port. I just liked the explosion of varied taste and texture that truly brings out the taste and flavour. It was interesing and a well thought piece of edible art.

Chocolate and Raspberry
Chocolate and Raspberry

Enjoynig a good chocolate and less sweet dessert can be such a fun thig to indulge. My platter was filled with raspberry moussecake layered over a dark chocolate cake sponge and topped with a layer of raspberry jelly accompanied with a scoop of white chocolate ice cream and a shot of white chocolate foam. I was felt without words, it was really excellent.

Chef Alexande Waschl
Chef Alexande Waschl

I got to confess that I truly had a delicious dinner and a fabulous time that night enjoying every second of Chef Alexander’s creations. Every dish was left with such a desireable. Definitely a memoriable dinner for me. . . . . . I will be back at The Restaurant for another gastronomic experience of fine foos, Sidney Kan

The Club Saujana Resort,
Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor


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    Tried the homedried watermelon carpaccio during the Gala Launch, it was great!
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    looks good. I will want to try the ravioli & Veal Assiette…
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