Lai Ching Yuen MIGF 2011 Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur

Lai Ching Yuen Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur

I am back yet again here at Lai Ching Yuen (previously known as Zing) atGrand Millennium Kuala Lumpur for a fabulous Chinese dining experience headed by Master Chef Leong Weng Heng. I had been tasting chef’s creation for a numerous time and I found his creation had never betray my trust, truly his craftmenship is just perfect. Dedicated, Creative and Scrumptious.

Chef Leong Weng Heng
Master Chef Leong Weng Heng

It was truly a funny night as the guests were helping themselves with the welcoming drinks and got themselves busy over chat, I got myself busy in the kitchen. I was truly nosy in the prep kitchen, I can’t imagine that I was acting like that, truly a laugh cause I was having Bak Kut The speciallyprepared by Chef Leong himself. The left over Bak Kut Teh from lunch was just terrific, just robust with herbal flavoured. The soup was just addicitive, a well captivative bowl of medicated soup with a mix of fat and lean pork.

Welcoming Drink
Welcoming Drink

As busy as Chef Leong, he still managed to grab me a soup in this prep kitchen. I just loved having my food in the kitchen as it felt so warm and so welcoming as the chefs were firing their jet gas stove! That night was a busy night as there where lots of big tables already taken up by some bankers.

Salt and Pepper Soft Crab
Amuse Bouche

As the guests were busy indulging into their talks, Chef Leong had prepared the amuse bouche before he showcased this line-up for the night. Crispy salt and peppered soft crab caught the attention from the crowd and they were caught gearing themself for the next dishes installed for them.

crispy seafood spring roll
Crispy Seafood Spring Roll & Scallop Salad with Assorted Fruit served in Golden Cup

I just love the use of rice wrappers, this one is truly crispy and crunchy after deep fried that encapsulated that texture of thi dish. The stuffing was refreshing fresh that came with sea sweetness. While we were concentrated with the crispy seaffod spring rolls, I can hear the calling of the poarched scallops. “Come baby, I am for you to indulge now, take me in.” Within seconds I was chopsticking into it, wow it was truly exciting, I felt so naked with joy. It was served chilled, it was a total opposite experience, lovely. Interesting start off by Chef Leong, so well thought! Something I would sort for.

Double Boiled Sea Treasures in Whole Coconut
Freshly Graced form Multiple Steamer :Double Boiled Sea Treasures in Whole Coconut

I just love the soup prepared here at Lai Chuing Yuen, so delectable. eveery spoon can take you off the ground affordlessly. The Double Boiled Sea Treasures in Whole Coconut with fish maw, thick pieces of sea cucumber, chicken, mushroom and dried scallops was a mind blown soup. The taste of refinedly long boiled young coconut water was easily detected. It was defintely a good soup, tasty and so refreshing and fragrantly laced with the smell of young coconut. It was trulya memoriable soup, a must have. A great harvested soup by this group of dedicated chefs at Lai Ching Yuen.

Coconut Soup
Double Boiled Sea Treasures in Whole Coconut : with Fish Maw, Thick pieces of Sea Cucumber, Chicken, Mushroom and Dried Scallops

Baked fillet of Sea Perch with Wild Mushrooms Wrapped with Crispy Filo
Baked fillet of Sea Perch with Wild Mushrooms Wrapped with Crispy Filo

It may not be attractive at all or may not be appealing as the next dish appeared infront of me but it was sure a winner. Fluffy layers of filo pastry encapsulated the sea perch coated wild mushroom and it’s concerntrated juice was sure a blast. Got to say the filo layers were soft, tender and just melts away in my mouth while the tasty concerntrated juicy just just knocked my socks off. I was bewilded and had released the devil in me. I was totally devilish.

Steamed Homemade Spinach Beancurd with Chinese Wine topped with Fresh Crab Meat

Now I got stronger as I encountered the next homemade spinach beancurd. The texture was refinelt firm and yet you can easily feel the softness build within it. Defintely crafted at the low temperature at a longer setting time. We were caught with a great surprised as Chef Leong took the chance to use a thicker spinach with a tender texture to incorperate the beancurd. It was so good as incapsulated with variation of taste and texture. The crab meat topping was got, it came from freshly poarched crab while the sauce wrapped up the dish with such a delight.

A Group Photo while Celebrating A Birthday with Chasingfooddreams

Fried Rice with Minced Goose Liver and Pine Nuts

The fried rice was rich filled with bits of minced goose liver to give it a kick and taste which the pine nuts incorperated the rice with such a rich nutty taste. A very impressive fried rice. Such luxurious!

Avacado Puree with Durian Custard Rabbit Dumpling
Avacado Puree with Durian Custard Rabbit Dumpling

We had a great closing at this line up of supreme dinner, we ahd an avava==cado pruee with durian custard dumpling. The chilled avacado was truly creamy and was kept slightly tasteless but the durian custard complimented the avacado so well. It add some sweetness into it. Lovely it was, felt the gentleness finishing. Interesting combination and yet again Chef Leong truly know ways to impress his guests especially myself. . . . . . . I was totally filled with great satisfaction, Sidney Kan

Lai Ching Yuen
Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur
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    I miss that one : Double Boiled Sea Treasures
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    Have Delicious dishes & a wonderful night there :)
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