Lek Lek Restaurant Seri Kembangan

Sashimi Red Talapia

The month of August and September are both the most busiest time for me, I had been running here and there without aa rest. But I got to say I am enjoying it, learning new things got me going. Throught this, I had experienced great moments and not forgetting some nasty ones too. As for food, that is a different story: everytime it never ever fail to inspire with the greatest joy, Lek Lek at Sri Kembangan was totally fabulous. I was left with wordless.


To begin the gastronomy journey of that evening we first indulged the highly recommended Red Talapia Sashimi with a warm sipping of Dong Quan Chinese liquor. It was just amazing, soft with crunchy texture of refinely sliced white meat layered with thinly slices of fresh lemon. It was brilliant and it just knew how to make its way to seduce my taste buds especially having it with the calling wasabi laced soy. With he temptation of having not one but a few helpings had just got lose at that moment. It was such a refreshing and yet innovative dish that was very well constructed. It will definitely be a challenging task for others to follow. Here I got to admit and confessed that this is the second time having a fresh water fish presented in a sashimi style, the first was in the hills outskirt of Beijing. Noted also that the Dong Quana a traditional Chinese distilled liquor was presented charming warm, strong and with bold taste of Dong Quan, it was a perfect match and made a fabulous dining moment.

Pan Fried Whole Garlic Snail

Then came a suprised dish, Pan Fried Whole Garlic Snail with had caught me off handed. It was so beautiful casketed with such a superior smell and taste. Here at the only second opening, I truly amazed on how Chef Jeffery infused the strong garlic flavour into the tasteless snail and ending up with a delightful snail dish. Got to admit that I did not suck the meat out off the shell but I cleverly invented the toothpick to execute the task. Just perfect. As for the strong flavour garlic snail dish, I matched it with a chilled Kuei Hua Chen Chiew.

Kuei Hua Chen Chiew

Kuei Hua Chen Chiew is made from well-chosen flowers in bud with adopted the traditional brewing technology. As for the wine it is ligh, mellow, sweet and goes very well with heavy flavoured dishes like the Pan Fried Whole Garlic Snail.

The Fish Paste Stuffed Mackerel

Another award winning dish from my choice was this Fish Paste Stuffed Mackerel. beautiful pagent on the white ceramic plate. It was a normal pan fried mackerel but the whole fish was stuffed with fish and prawn paste. It was just a terrific surprised. The texture was very fulfilling and very appealing in taste too, definitely an act of a very crafted chef with such amazing thought and talent. “I knew how it was done”, I tod myself quietly. It was a time taken task to wrapped up this dish. Got to say seperating the skin is not an easy task while stuffing the prawn and fish paste can be a rough thing to do but it was executed well here by Chef Jeffery. Delicious!

Lai Yau Ling Mon Har

The “Lai Yau Ling Mon Har”, blue river prawn cooked in milk with a hint of lemon was well flovoured and surprisingly light. Usually it is a heavy dish but due to the present of the lemon juce, the taste was lighten up, very creative. I like my food to be different and yet stays deliciously. Here the prawns were fried before coated with the milk sauce and it was truly the way to cook it. Taseful!

Crispy Deep Fried Squid with Salted Egg Yolk

Yes I am crazy yet wanting to marry this Crispy Deep Fried Squid with Salted Egg. Yes you may say I am NUTs but how can anyone resist an outer crisp deep fried squid coated with a dry salted egg yolk sauce. It was different from what I usually had from other eateries, here is was perfectly gorgeous. Definitely a must-order dish! A must.

Chef Jeffrey and Ah Fai

Deep Fired Salted Chicken

chef Jeffery flocked to the table and questioned his fans, “Do you want to try my newly invente salted chicken?.”
“Well what so special with salted chicken,” we replied. Then after 20minutes, can a dish of deep fried chicken and we were no amazed at the first looked. And we were so so wrong. Biting into the warm and goldenly deep fried chicken just melted us on the spot. It was beautifullly salted to taste, crisp on the outside and moist on the inside, definitely as good as my KFC! :)

Claypot Pork Knuckle

The strong>Claypot Pork Knuckle was huge sitting quietly in the claypot marinated and braised in dark sauce. It was done perfect and soft. Well as usual I just preached and loved those melted fats that just clinging onto the meat. The oozing fats just laced my tongue working slowly into my delighted tummy. :) Not a bad choice and blended well with my warm “DONG QUAN Chew”

Braised Turtle Paw

The star of the day was this Braised Turtle Paw that glory standing on the centre of the dish plate. It was braised done to soft and refinely coated with dark brown sauce. The tasted good, slightly game and filled with jellified texture and my neighbour indicated to me that it was good for complexion as it is rich with collagen. It was lovely and interesting experience

Deep Fried Bullfrog with Ginger

It striked me that I was indulging crispy seaweed laced with caramelised sauce but I was wrong, I was having deep fried Bullfrog skin. Hmmmm…………….. I got to admit it was really gorgeous and tasty. The skin was deep fried to crispy crunch and the sauce was execellent caramelised. What’s more, the deep fried sliced ginger was done to crisp. The lady beside me felt like having an orgasmic and we were laughing out loud. The meat was done to moist, definitely a must order if bullfrog is your favourite, I do!

Stir Fried Chinese Leek with Pickled Vegetable and Tomato

Now we were driven back to home cooked food at this point and we had simple and yet delicious Stir Fried Chinese Leek with Pickled Vegetable and Tomato. It came with a sweet and sour in taste which caught us with delight as the bursting taste of the tomatoes and pickled vegetable just works around so well with rice but I love having it with poarched rice noodle and beansprout. Execellent and a must have dining here at Lek Lek.

Stir Fried Dragon Leafs with Garlic

Another yet exciting new baby was the seasonal stir fried dragon leafs. It was done crunchy and not too over powering with the garlic. It was a nice dish to try and I got rather addicted to it.

House Special: Fried Rice with Stinky Beans “Petai”

Oh! i must introduce you to this baby of my favourite, the house special Fried Rice with Stinky Beans “Petai”. It was truly tasty with my favourite beans in it. Pungent as it goes, just grew my appetite within seconds. Yes it was slightly spicy and I would recommed to have it while it is still warm as it increases the umpss! Fabulous!

Hokkien Noodle

I love Hokkien Noodle and here it was done to the right texture and taste. Using dark sauce, well soaked over thick noodle and the art of sitr frying, the noodle creation for that night was a blast. How can someone resist of not having lard in this noodle. The were chunks of pork crackers smeared over the top of the noodles, I felt so blessed. One of my favourite noodle! Just classic.

Myself with Chef Jeffrey

Got to confess that I truly had a fabulous dining experience here at Lek Lek and having to taste the creation of this young chef, Chef Jeffrey Chan was truly an eye opening for me. Therefore I had make my second reservation here at Lek Lek to explore more exciting jewels. . . . . . . . . fabulous Lek Lek, Sidney Kan

Restoran Lek LekNo 12, Jalan PSK4
Pusal Perdagangan SK
43300 Seri Kembangan
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel No: 03 8941 3404


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    Oh Gosh!so much fried pork lard!
    Choi Yen´s last blog post ..Umami Cafe

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    is really rare to find out petai is Chinese restaurant..
    Nikel´s last blog post ..Comebuy @ ViVa Home, Cheras, KL

  • September 22, 2011 - 5:32 pm | Permalink

    salivating! must bring MIL there.
    missyblurkit´s last blog post ..AXN The Challenger Muay Thai

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