RM43.50 Japanese Buffet Deal at KOFUKU Seri Pacific Hotel

RM43.50 Japanese Buffet Deal at KOFUKU Seri Pacific Hotel



KOFUKU Japanese Restaurant at Seri Pacific Hotel located next to PWTC will be having a RM43.50 Japanese Buffet Deal with everyday.com.my starting today at 10am

Hurry buy the coupons as there are limited.

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boatSashimi MoriawaseKofuku Maki
Sashimi Moriawase & Kofuku Maki

Thank you for being patient with me at the moment as I just managed to calm myself down a bit after being overjoyed with food here, there and everywhere. Yesterday I had a great lunch at Tokyo Street, Pavilion. Yet another interesting mall concept not to be missed. Very refreshing I think, just loved it. Then drown with another fabulous Athur’s Day launch at Sunway Giza in the evening. The rain did not stop the enjoyment of music!

Back to KOFUKU, I truly confessed that I had a fabulous time eat, drink and merry. The company was perfect and the food was superb especially at RM43.50/pax over a spread of feast can be a true craving. The Sashimi Moriawase was truly dashing, layer with slices of salmon, tuna and butter fish caught with delight while Kofuku Maki was done just perfectly. The cunchy soft crab was well tucked in the maki.

Chawan Mushi

The Chawan Mushi is a must for me during any of my Japanese dining. Slurping into a warm silky soft texture can be so satisfying while discovering the jewel in it can be such a satisying thing to discover. I had mine with a chunk of prawn, nice ! :)

Teppanyaki flame
Teppanyaki ChickenTeppanyaki Prawn Head
Teppanyaki KOFUKU style

I just love KOFUKU’s Teppanyaki Section. I always thinks passion set off everything, here it was with style. The chef himself as you see in my photo captured that evening was filled with passion. He nearly burned the place . . . . . :) but actual he was performing his flambe. It was really excited to watch and he even juggle with his cooking knives. Awesome applauses can be heard at that spot and I got to say he was really good ! The aroma of refreshing pan-fried prawn filled the whole restaurant while the cooking was still going on. Just fabulous!

Tempura Moriawase
Tempura Moriawase

My tempura experience may not have been stretched too long but looking at what was served in front of me can just charmed me off easily without any words. I just love the thin tempura batter used as you can just see through the colous and texture of the brinjal, prawns and okra. Yes I just adore the okra tempura, it ws surprisingly delicous. I was totally caught off handed. A perfect surprise indeed!

Kaki Motoyaki
Kaki Motoyaki

I just love that smell. Burning cheese over light aroma of cooked oysters can be such an addiction. I felt so rejuvenated. Half a dozen of them is definitely not enough for a light eater like myself, more please chef! :)

California Temaki

I am a CalifornaiTemaki fan, here it was done to my liking simple and tasty! :)

Matcha Zenzai
Matcha Zenzai

As we plunged into our dessert, it was such a fabulous treat. Melting concerntrated rich intensifying match can just put you onto your knees. It was really delicious, packed with matcha and very creamy. Love it! Grab a few scoop is a must!

Personalised Chopstick

I was surprised when I discovered that KOFUKU had a Chopstick Club. Personalised chopsticks were paraded on the shelf and Tun Mahathir’s chopstick was there too. I got mine too!

Chefs & Staff of KOFUKU

It was a fabulous experience here at KOFUKU and dont;t miss their great deal today . . . . . . . .. totally satisfied. Sidney Kan will be back at KOFUKU with his coupon redemption! :)


  • disappointed
    September 19, 2011 - 4:23 pm | Permalink

    TO be frank, their food is bad. There is no taste at all. Japanese food variety is lacking and not much choice. Mostly are filled with local dishes. Most of the selection are too salty including the dessert pastry. The chinese chef at the teppanyaki area in your pic, that guy is a bit loud mouthed and is not professional in handling customers who are not familiar with ordering a teppanyaki dish. I mean, you get a numbered card and he tells you to sit in your place and the food is delivered to your table — this process dont work because by the time the waiter sends the food over, the dish is already cold. :( Highly not recommended!

  • VV
    December 4, 2011 - 9:40 am | Permalink

    Kofuko Japanese buffet was bad. Is not what they mention in their blog. The foods all serve very salty, Photo capture on the blog are very attractive but when come to actual is worst and u really cant imagine how slow they serve their food,even ice kacang i also need half hour waititng . Truely not recommand to dine in.

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