Great Deal at One Sweet One Night Solaris Dutamas

One Sweet One Night at Solaris Dutamas

Well I am truly not a frequent visitor to Solaris Dutamas but just last week I found myself having a great fun experience over dinner with some foodies. That night I landed myself at One Sweet One Night at Solaris Dutamas.

Chilled over with a delicious glass of frosty ice lemon tea

I just love the decor of this place, very charming and yet filled with luxurious. I would say whoever designed this interior do has a great taste and style. Leather sofa packed with comfort and running water over the side wall calmed the night. A petite centre stage placed a grand white piano. I was truly excited. I had another discovery here, ordering can be done through their Ipads. As sipping my frosty ice lemon tea, my fingers did the talking and I was already challenging a game on the Ipad. :)

Beef Mango Roll
French Style Mango Beef Rolls

I ordered the french style mango beef rolls which was truly exciting. Well marinated thin sliced beef with great biting texture while flush with juice cut of mango. Truly an exciting dish to begin with.

Italian Style Rib-Eye Lamb Chop

The Italian Style Rib-Eye Lamb Chop was nicely tucked infront of me and looked unattractive somehow, dull I guessed. Slicing a piece and forkinginto my mouth can be a difficult thing to do at that second but I was wrong. Somehow the taste works pretty well with my taste buds, the soft tenderness of this piece of lamb truly caught my attention. It was interestingly good, delicious I would put it. I noticed we all took a fast dive into this dish and vanished within a minute. The laughter went around the table.

Steak with Tomato and Mint

The Steak with Tomato and Mint too work well with us that night. It had a great texture and cooked perfectly by the chef. I was informed it was a carefully selected local beef that was put into play. Interesting. I quiet like it. It came with a tasty gravy too.

Sizzling Beef Rice

The thinly sliced beef pan-fried with brocolli and sliced onions served on the sizzling plate with rice caught ourattention. It had a tasty and flovorsome gravy to go with it. Not a bad chioce make by my neighbour sitting next to me. In fact I chopsticking a few of his slicd beef, definitely tempting.

Chicken Chop Rice

Their Chicken Chop Rice was good too, I managed to get a taste of it only as the lady sitting across me kept it to herself. I find it truly annoying at first but soon I realised she was not into beef. There goes my luscious chicken chop!

Chicken Chop with Avocado and Black Pepper Sauce

The chicken chop was delicious in flavour and taste even it looked dark when served. I realised it was overly marinated with dark thick soy sauce. It was not burnt. It was good in taste.

Spanish Barbeque Seafood Rice

When come to cheese baked rice, their Spanish Barbeque Seafood Rice was really good. I like the taste of the baked cheese over the seaood and rice. Very rich and tasty.

Dutch Spicy Spaghetti with Mushrooms

The spaghetti tasted good. Nicely pan-fried and very fragrant too. Simple and truly appealing,

Salad & Fresh Fruits

Milk Pudding with Caramel

I just love their peite puddingm, rich and strangely I find it very unique. The pudding itself had a strong texture and it was good. Love the caramel toppiing, someting I would love finding lusciously in my own fridge waiting to be pampered.

Everyday logo_2
One Sweet One Night set meal deal worth RM26.60 can purchase from at a remarkable discounted price of RM14.80 nett per Set Meal

Choose One Main Course of:

Black Pepper Chicken Chop Rice
Chicken Chop with Avocado and Black Pepper Sauce Rice
Chicken and Rice au Gratin
Tomato and Rice au Gratin
Spanish Seafood Cheese Rice

Dessert – Milk Pudding with Caramel
Drink – Ice Lemon Tea or Frosty Ice Tea

Summer Fun was exciting filled with colours, makes a good dessert

Papaya Stewed with Milk and Sago, something unique and different. Truly stands out.

Eight Bean Porridge, something to warm ones heart

Overall it was a very pleasureable place to dine, especially I love their cullery used, very different. For an affordable experience do head to today as you can get a real good discounted price opn some of the dishes . . . . . . . . a lovely experience that I end up getting my own Ipad2 yesterday! Sidney Kan

One Sweet One Night
A2-G2-DA, Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6211 1439
Business Hours:Daily: 11.00am – 11.00pm

Do check out their website and Facebook for gorgeous pictures of the food!

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