Capel Vale Wine Dinner at TATSU InterContinental Kuala Lumpur

Katsu 10
Pre Dinner Sushi Canapes such as Crispy Anchovies with Cherry Tomates, Tuna with Dry Shoyu, Camembert Cheese Tempura, Mango and Chicken and Fish Cake topped with Flying Fish Roe

A definitely memorable wine and dine dinner experience with the complexity of Capel Vale wines and uniqueness of Chef Yanagida’s traditional and fusion Japanese delight available tonight 14th July 2011 at Tatsu Japanese Restaurant at the price of RM250.00++
(For reservation, call +603 2782 6188)

It was a great preview of the Capel Vale Wine Dinner at TATSU. Having seated and indulging one bite canapes was truly intrigging to me. So minute and yet so tasty, even sexier lipping over with a sparkling and bubbly white. I felt so rich and famous for a while, well the truth, the whole night. Cape Vale from within Western Australia and was amongst the first to be established with vines planted in 1974. Cape Vale itself now has established mature vineyards in Geogrphe, Pemberton, Mt Barker and Margaret River and produces wines that reflect the distinct climate and sole of each region.

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1st Course was a combination of Smoked Salmon Tartar, Uni Egg White, Sweet Shrimp and Avocado with Spicy Cod Roe, Tuna seasoned with Wasabi and Crispy Sardine

I just love the first course what was plated for me that night. Ingenious creative with the sense of taste, smile and presentation. To start I forked into the sweet shrimp and avocado, it was fabulous. Tender and sweet with freshness, very ideal tobegin with and spooning into the fresh avocado flesh was truly filled with erotic in taste. The finely diced up smoked salmon was truly a classic surprise, I was begging for more. Yes it was melting good and very delicious. I did get another small portion direct from the kitchen. :) The uni egg white was nice in taste. The miniture bowl filled with luscous Tuna truely opened my appetite, yes it was interesting portion.

Katsu 09
Paired with a gorgeous Debut Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2010

Sipping into my glass of Debut Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2010 wine was refreshing and jazzy. It was fruity in flavour with hint of lemon, pleasant to drink with and jived well with my tuna, salmon and shrimp. defitely a very summery drink, never need any consideration, just drink, defitely my type of white.

2nd Course was the melting Teriyaki Roasted Cod with Yuzu

Having to watch my second glass being poured over with Capel Vale’s Debut Chardonnay 2010 can be so exciting. My mind was visioning a tap with running liquid gold. Smells good. Having my eyes visually caught with the styling of the Teriyaki Roasted Cod with Yuzu was rather mind blowing too. The cod was well baked till exploded with the scent of terriyaki right infront of me. I for sure sipping into my next Capel Vale’s Debut Chardonnay 2010 can be so mind motivating. Just love the taste, it was fruity pungent that left with such a refined taste. Lovely definitely my type of white. Solely for pleasure.

2nd course was paired with Capel Vale’s Debut Chardonnay 2010

Indulging : Cleo from The Oriental Daily

3rd course was the Lip-Succulent Baked Foie Gras and Duck Loin with Raisin Sauce

How can one resist of not playing along indulging such delighted lip-cucculent Baked Foie Gras and tender Duck Loin with Raisin Sauce. It is definitely an in thing this days. And having both i one plate, it surely makes the night classy with style. I feltl so stylish. and like a young wannabee. Got to report, it was my first time chopsticking into a refined piece of baked foie gras. Slap me twice, yet I am still floating like in-heaven. Yes it was deliciously sexy.

The First Red : Mt Barker Shiraz 2009

While lip smacking with my foie gras over the Mt Barker Shiraz 2009 can such a surprise. The delicouis caramelised layer of the foie gras just paired so well with my red, creating a smooth and succulent experience. It melted in me.

The Second Red : Regional Series Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Now biting into the duck over with the Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 was elegantly delighted. It was fruity in taste and fovoured the duck in directly and briught out the overall taste. both the dish and the wine. Great pairing.

Classic Wine Tasting with Theresa & Sidney

Sweet Tenderlising with Sweetened Simmered Broad Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Carrot, Winter Melon, Cherry Tomato and Japanese Glass Noodles topped with Red Bean

Good planning was definitely being infused into preparing the dessert. I was caught into a surprise knowing fruit and vegetable was placed into develpoing this dessert. It was really good. Latly we en d the night with coffee and tea . . . . . . and ordered delicoius black sesame and greentea ice cream.

Cape Vale is defintely one of Western Australia’s longest established and best known brands I ever tasted and with the pairing of Chef Yanagida’s Japanese fine creation, the whole night was filled with such a joy of indugence . . . . . .Sidney Kan

Top Chef Yanagida

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  • Elaine
    October 24, 2011 - 1:00 am | Permalink

    I am heading Kuala Lumpur next month, will have to book a reservation at the Intercontinental – my mouth is watering just looking at your pics!
    Elaine´s last blog post ..wall ovens electric

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