The Perfect Accompaniment with Guinness



Braving through the city after the office hour and managed to get myself exactly on time at the Hakka was a tricky thing to do. Extreme planning is needed. My mission this time will be to indulge the food prepared by Hakka Restaurant with Guinness.

hostGuinness menu
Ms Ramjeet Kaur, the host for the night from Guinness Malaysia

Before chopsticking the food we were well brief by Ms Ramjeet Kaur about the foood pairing for the night. The do’s and don’t ! We were even given each a tasting report form. Just awesome! Educate Sidney!

tasting report form

Before embarking our dinner we tested a few sips of Guinness. Awesome Guinness. The first sip squashing through my throat was rather a bitter after taste. Sipping into the second taste was rather different. It was much smoother and sweeter, the bitterness somehow mellowed down by itself. Lovely. By now we were required to taste the Guinness with peanuts, which I found to be lovely. Followed by “assam” which ends with a mild bittersweet after taste with Guinness. But the pickle mango did not jive well with me. Sipping it with Guinness was a nightmare, it triggered a strong bitterness in taste. Truly I did not like it, definitely not a good pairing. It was truly educational for a start and next was truly a taste exploration of food with Guinness. So fabulous.


Oyster demoOyster to taste
osyter and guinness
osyter and guinness 1
osyter and guinness 2
Guinness Expert, Mr Lim Toong Boon demonstrated the way to indulge Raw Oyster with Guinness

I am a good believer of fresh oysters and the Guinness Oyster slushed was truly intrigged. I never ever tasted such a delicious way of indulging superb raw oysters. Chilled and bursting with greatness of flavour would be the way of describing it. Massaging the raw oyster with Guinness was definitely the secret.

Cod Guinness
Steamed Cod Fish with Superior Soy Sauce

Pairing the thick sliced of steamed cod with Guinness was truly exciting. The Guinness dispersed a light and smooth after taste. Iy complimented the each other very well. Most of the guests liked it.

Guinness Prawns
Guinness Prawns

The host reminded us of the famous Guinness Pork Ribs at most Chinese restaurants and for that night it was done in a more adventurous way, we had a Guinness Prawn dish. A well pan fried large fresh water prawns coated with Guinness sauce. It was fabulous done. Each prawns was perfectly coated with the sauce. It had a sweet caramalised Guinness in taste that accompanied the prawns so superbly delicious. It was a good choice.

Crispy Pork knuckle with guinness
Crispy Pork Knuckle

Pairing thr Crispy Pork Knuckle with Guinness was interesting way to dine. Biting into the fragrant and crisp meat was truly intrigging but sipping it with Guinness was such a pleasure. It enhance the flavour of the pork effortlessly and I just love it. By the way I had more sip at this point which I supposed not. I honestly felt merrier by now.

chilli crab
Chilli Crab

The gravy was lovely prepared and with freshness of the crabs, it turned to be a superior dish of the day. But with the present of liquid Guinness, you just can’t ask for more. It was truly unbeliveable. Delicious. I had a few helpings of Guinness by now. Smooth and it was such an easy drink to consume. Lovely.

Bittergourd and beansprout
Bittergourd and beansprout

I guessed not every dish can jived well with liquid Guinness. At this point, defintely it did not paired well with Bittergourd. It was not smooth but it was rather enhanced with bitterness. No Guinness with this dish unless you are into bitterness in flavour.

hokkien noodle
Hokkien Noodle

This was Ramjeet favourite pairing, Hokkien Noddle with Guinness and I found it to be true. The Guinness was smooth in taste, I enjoyed more wit my bowl of Hokkien Noodle. Fabulous.

Deep Fried Filo Pastry filled with Red Bean, Mango and Banana

The dessert was such a charmer to end the meal. It was delicious done. Crispy and not too sweet. I liked it.

Chef Jackson Chong with Ramjeet Kaur

It was a superb dinner quth a great experience of food pairing with Guinness. After the night, my experience with Guinness will be different. I will defintely have Guinness on my table! I just love Guinness! . . . . . . . .truly enjoyed it, Sidney Kan


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    That prawn & crab had me swooning… hehehe…
    Chasing Food Dreams´s last blog post ..Songket Restaurant- Hook On Traditional Malay Cuisine

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    Interesting pairins! The Hokkien noddles look terrific.



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    Wow, you dip the oyster in the Guinness? That’s insane! I’ve only ever drank Guinness, but not actually mixed it in the food.

    I’ve just learned something new today!
    Gerard Iribe´s last blog post ..Dog the Bounty Hunter – This Family Means Business DVD Review

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