The Chocolate Affair with Pastry Pro and Felchin


Upon receiving an invitation from Ning Geng, we found ourselves indulging a spectecular chocolate infused fine dining at the Chocolate Appreciation and Dinner, Manhattan V Berjaya Times Square hosted by Pastry Pro and Felchin. With the great initiative of Ning Geng, the star chefs on that night were Chef Jochen who was coordinating the menu while Chef Anil from Felchlin, Switzerland was coordinating the dessert and they were joined by a group of dedicated chefs and students of Berjaya Culinary Schooll.

Felchin Switzerland creates pure variety of Grand Cru Chocolate made of noble-grace cocoa wih the mark of origin exclusively for the Chocolate Master. Their commitment is to select the best superior cocoas from top locations and plants as well as to determine the best lots of selection cocoa from each harvest. Only the most superior quality is shipped to Schwyz for traditional, slow and gentle processing of the Grand Cru Chocolate. ON that night we were introduce to a few typpe of chocolate, Maracibo Creole 49% (Chocolat Naison Dark, with cream), Arriba 72% 72 hours (Chocolat Maison Extra Dark), Madagascar 64% 72 hours (Chocolat Maison Extra Dark) and MAracaibo Criolait 38% (Chocolat Maison Milk).

Home Smoked Norwegian Salmon with Trout Caviar

The first appearance was the fabuloous Home Smoked Norwegian Salmon with Trout Caviar on Felchlin Edelweiss Chocolate, horse-radish sour cream. The salmon was just terrific, thick succulent in taste while the trout caviar made such so eye pleasant scene. The Felchlin Edelweiss Chocolate infused into horse-radish sour cream was suprisingly superb in taste and came in a thick texture. Interesting dish and yet yet kept as promised, a refined start.

Risotto with Bolivian Wild Cacao Couverture

I just love the Risotto, firm and smooth while the texture was kept to its consistancy. very tasty indeed. The risotto that night was enchance with drizzle of Bolivian Wild Cacao Couverture and it tasted truly different with its distinct taste. Nice.

Sherbet from Soursop, Lychee and White Chocolate

The Sherbet from Soursop, Lychee and White Chocolate was deliciously prepared. Strong present of soursop was easily detected while the taste of white chocolate was mild. Be-dazzled.

Short Braised Saddle of Fermed New Zealand Venison Loin

The main came to table smoothly, it was the Short Braised Saddle of Fermed New Zealand Venison Loin in Gunness-Maracaibo Chocolate Sauce Sweet Potato and Plantain Timbale. It was an interesting dish which had an South American influence. The Venison was an interesting piece accompany with sweet potato and plantain timbale. Something different than the usual while the sauce was speechless, just too delicious and I had mine wipe clean. Very good.

Fresh Homemade Cow Cheese with Felchlin Elvesia and Ambra Chocolate Chutney

Now I got truly excited with the next dish, the Fresh Homemade Cow Cheese with Felchlin Elvesia and Ambra Chocolate Chutney. Chef Jochen’s home made cow cheese was superb and just perfect for the night. Creamy and tangy, lovely, I can just have one ot two more. Pairing with Felchlin Elvesia and Ambra Chocolate Chutney was unique with an Asian influence. I can just detect the taste of caramelised onion in it. Perfect.

Chef Anil Rohira and Chef Jochen Kern

Chocolate Soul (Dessert)

The Dessert Chocolate Soul by Chef Anil Rohinaa was just spetecular. I can just feel the chocolate lingering within myself, touch every taste on my palatte from forking into the chocolate ice cream to the refined chocolate cake while my mille chocolate was kept to last. It was such a lust, I just can’t get over with his chocolate creation, Just fabulous!

It was terrific night with an interesting exploration of chocolate infused dishes while every dish was very inspriing and the momentum of taste was kept to a very high benchmark . . . . . . I just love it, Sidney Kan


  • June 28, 2011 - 10:22 am | Permalink

    I thought everything was cooked with chocolate 😛
    mimid3vils´s last blog post ..Plan B

    • Allan
      June 28, 2011 - 11:03 am | Permalink

      Everything except the drinks was cooked with chocolate indeed.
      Every meal has chocolate infused with the food.

  • Sani
    June 28, 2011 - 12:14 pm | Permalink

    Good efforts to describe this once in a life time experience. For all chocolate lovers. Get your rare chocolates at Pastry Pro showroom. Please call up as such items are not in our regular retailing items.

    Cru Sauvage (Bolivia 68%)
    Arriba 72%
    Maracaibo Clasificado 65%
    Maracaibo Creole 49% (Cream/Milk)
    Maracaibo Criolait 38% (Cream/Milk)


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    A lovely meal and irresistible dessert!



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    Wow, I’m drooling!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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