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Kin No Uma Japanese Restaurant

Having to be back at The Palace of the Golden Horses can be such an amazing thing to encouter again. Even now I am able to recall my first food excursion here and that was when I was embarking into the real food blogging world. Upon that time I got the glipmpse to meet up with Chef Wilfred and also Chef Simon at Cavallini’s Bistro and that was 3 years ago. This round I am back strong, taking a divie into Kin No Uma for a pure pampering experience in indulging Japanese refined cuisine.

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The Beauty of Places: Kin No Uma

spread food
The Feast at KinNo Uma

beef tataki
Beef Tataki

My first pick to taste was the Beef Tataki as most of the dishes were already placed invitingly on the dining table. It was fun to see them coming after us for once. Tender in texture, just was something noteable here. It was well sealed, cooked the outer, raw in the centre. Perfectly excuted. the accompaied supreme soy sauce gave a fabulous enhancement to this dish. Nice.

Maguro Natto
Maguro Natto

It was just spectecular to watch this dice up tuna. Very rich in colour, intensified ruby red. Now here is my story, I love Japanese food but this dish Maguro Natto is my first eating experience. I had never tasted Japanese fermented soya bean with raw fish. well it was something rather unique in flavour and rich in texture. You just need to mix them up first before indulging them.

Sunomono Moriawase
Sunomono Moriawase

Sunomono Moriawase sounded complicated for me but indulging them was such n easy job to execute. Yet here was another unique dish, assorted seafood, seaweed and cumber dressed over vinegar. A Japanese salad, classic and stylish.

Kuruma Ebi Motoyaki
Kuruma Ebi Motoyaki

Now this Kuruma Ebi Motoyaki caught my eye at one look, so intensified. Great colours and yet very attractive. Very pleasureable indeed. Well grilled smells good, tasted deliciously. Definitely a well executed grilled king prawn with mayonnaise sauce. Made my night very sexy.

Maruyama Tempura
Maruyama Tempura

I love tempura and that night I did not get to escape of not trying them out. Light fluffy deep fried battered of assorted seafood and vegetable. Well crunchy and goes so well with the dip. I could not resist of not eat another two more ppieces. Hey I toook the tempura prawns. “”wink””

Uma Hooseki Tsukuri Moriawase
Uma Hooseki Tsukuri Moriawase

Woh! this is a babe. I am a shashimi freak and Uma Hooseki Tsukuri Moriawase just taught me how to tango then the cha-cha. Luck I escape from doing the waltz. It was very succulent fresh. Thickly cut and taste so refined in texture. It was perfectly prepared raw fish experience. I mouth was filled with wasabi while lingering with the taste of rawness. :)

Chef Khair

I just love the humour of the chef that night, Chef Khair. He is the one who was looking after us that night, he was cooking for us! He can speak Hokkien and Japanese yet another chef with 24years f Japanes cooking experience.. That night his Penang hulour just blended out inot the dining room, he is terribly funny, nice guy but with full of talent. I notice that! :) He even took time to explain us the refine details of each dish, Well done Chef! A toast from me.

Kin No Uma Roll
Kin No Uma Roll

Wow this dish had the most ingredients in it ranging from deep fried king prawn, lettuce, cucumber, avacado, mayonnaise, cheese wrapped with seaweed, suschi rice and fish roe . . . . . . . . it was definitely my Kin No Uma Roll. Truly a well sculptured piece of art with great combination of colours too. I just love biting into it. Very taste filled with awesome texture with right flavour. My piece of eat art.

Garlic Fried Rice
Garlic Fried Rice

Now I also get hooked with Japanes garlic rice and here they got it spot on. It was beautiful done and curorisingly it came with deep fried salmon skin, nice and crunchy,

Tanuki Udon Matawa Soba
Tanuki Udon Matawa Soba

The Udon looked dashingly good. A soup that can keep me warm, perfect. This Tanuki Udon Matawa Soba comes in either buckwheat or thick noodles filled with hot broth toasted over with delicious fried tempura fritters.

Oyster Teppanyaki
Oyster Teppanyaki

This babe oysters tenppanyaki were excitingly good. Nice biting texture, very tasty too. I have two of them that night. Deli-cious.

Sashimi To Tempura Setlunch set
Sashimi To Tempura Set for Lnch

I got to fork into the Sashimi To Tempura Set specially prepared for lunch. It contains of assorted raw fish and deep fried battered seafood, vegetables and served with salad, rice, chawan mshi, miso soup, pickles and fruits. I felt really good with this set, it was not too over board for a lunch do. Nice.

Kin No Uma Bento dinner set
Kin No Uma Bento Set for Dnner

While their Kin No Uma Bento Set was specially designed for dinner. This one it had a host of delicious food such as sashimi, sushi, sunomono. agemono and yakimono. In this bento I saw slices of tuna and salmon. they got unagi sushi too. I just like biting into the marinated baby octopus and als the crabmeat with vinegar. The present of prawn and vegetable tempura definitely boosted up this whole ebnto set. While at another corner the grilled salmon and scallop with terriyaki sauce can be easily detected.

Hand Rolls
Handroll Tempura PrawnHandroll Crab Stick
Handroll SoftcrabHAndroll Unagi
Handroll tunaHandroll salmon
Hand Rolls – Tempura Prawn, Crab Stick, Soft Crab, Unagi, Tuna & Salmon

I JUST LOVE THEIR HANDROLLS! Just perfect for any nights! Jusst melts me away! yes they were really delicious, doen t my liking that night.

DSC_0727Macha Aisukurimu
Handmade Mochi & Macha Aisukurimu

It was an honour to biting into their handmade mochi, it was arm and delicious. soft in texture, just so pretty to bite in. Their Macha Aisukurimu, matcha icream with read bean topping was excellent too very rich and creamy! :)

That night it was truly a delicious experience, great food amd a dashing escape of good food . . . . . . I was convinenced, Sidney Kan

For Reservation and enquires, please call Kin No Uma at (+06)3 8946 4888

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    Drooling… that lavish spread was simply memorable even till today!! 😀
    Chasing Food Dreams´s last blog post ..MED.@Marché-Live, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel: New Chef & Menu

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