Four Seas at Jalan Bangkung Bangsar


smoked duck 1smoked duck
Luscious Smoked Duck at Four Seas

Dining at the Chinese here in Kuala Lumpur can be so easily sorted but finding a good one can be a slight task. But here I am having a fantastic and wonderful time indulging a fabulous Chinese gourmet with one of Malaysia most famous food writer Tan Bee Hong, photographer Khoo Su Ting and owner of Four Seas Edward Soo. The first dish the Smoke Duck itself did all the introduction. Smells good. Tasted so brilliant. Got me excited Got us all excitedly with such a bundle of joy. Pink. It was pink. I can’t imagine the smoked duck was slow baked over mustard, garlic and honey. It was such a beauty. . . . . soft in texture, intense with flavours. We were left raving for more. Definitely a must have dish if you are planning to dine here.

Soup of the Day
Soup of the Day – The Double Boiled Watercress

Then came our individual bowl of watercress soup with black chicken, short pork ribs and with dried figs. It was a very well done double boiled soup, left with such a light sweet refreshing taste filled with nutrients. To boil this soup, I was told that mineral water was put into used rather than the tap water. Now I know why it tasted better. Interesting indeed.

spicy szechuan jelly fish
Spicy Szechuan Jelly Fish

Yet another lighter dish came to the table, it was the crunchy light Spicy Szechuan Jelly Fish. I love jelly fish due to its appealing crunch texture. here it was well prepared, worked well to my taste.

WuXi Braised Spare Ribs
WuXi Braised Spare Ribs

A beautiful prepared Wuxi braised spare ribs was our next exploration but I would put it as an interesting discovery. it was braised to perfection, tenderly soft with less overpowering taste. I just loved the layer of lean meat covered with a slightly soften fats filled with tenderness of texture. The sauce itself was terrific too and enhancess the whole dish with such pleasure. I was told pineapple played an important role in this dish. What would one wonders? Tenderizing or flavouring?

Claypot fish with bittergourd
Claypot Fish with Bittergourd

We were drooling over the presentation of our next dish, a big claypot filled with an oversized talapia fish. I like this one, having to cook the whole fish in the claypot defintely need a great cooking skill. Handling a big fish is not an easy task. The present of muddy taste in this usual fresh water fish was not present at all. It was tasty with such a refine texture and the bittergourd was done to crunchy with biting texture. The sauce itself was just perfect. Fabulous fish dish.

Hurricane Bay PrawnsHurricane Bay Prawn 1
Hurricane Bay Prawns

The eaters that night were very serious upon th enext Hong Kong made famous prawn dish, The Hurricane Bay Prawns. A carefully pan-fried (deep fried) whole prawns coated with loads of finely fried mashed garlic and dried chillies dish. We tried out unshelled and shelled prawns. Both was truly delicious for my pallete but there were a slight difference in both. The one with shell tasted sweet and refreshing. To me, both was just divine in taste, lucky me.

sang har mein
Sang Har Mein or Fresh Water Prawn Noodle

Fresh Water Prawns? Yes we had a noodle with huge fresh water prawns. I was into the prawns and the richness of the sauce but I prefer my noodle done in slow pan fried rather slightly deep fried. Overall it was good dish signature prawn dish.

lemongrass jelly
Lemongrass Jelly

Now this one caught us all with such a delight, definitely a crowd pleaser. Their Lemongrass Jelly was bursting with taste and very fragrant too. The soft jelly was filled with finely chopped strawberries and mint leafs just to enhance the taste of this dessert. Smooth with delight. It was a fabulous dining experience that night, great delicious food and the smoked duck was just perfecto . . . . . . . . excitedly delicious, Sidney Kan

Four Seas
Four Seas

Four Seas
65, Jalan Bangkung,
Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar
59100 Kuala Lumpur


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    Lemongrass Jelly macum nice.. hehe
    Nikel´s last blog post ..Kin No Uma Japanese Restaurant @ Palace of The Golden Horses -The Mines- KL

  • June 21, 2011 - 9:33 pm | Permalink

    what is sprinkled on top of the duck? That’s really look yummy ~~

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