Revisit Woo Ng Kee Restaurant Taman Ehsan Kepong

Chef/Owner Woo Hee Chow of Woo Ng Kee

It is awesome to be back again here at restaurant for an induging pleasure dinner and we were greeted by Woo Ng Kee’s second generation Chef/Owner Woo Hee Chow himself.This three generation restaurant chefs are famous for its amazing Chinese roasting ranging from pork belly to duckling. Chef’s brother is also famous for its own duck roasting in Kepong at Aun Kee. On our second visit Chef himself had planned an awesome line of surprises for us to sample and it was based on his make famous 70’s and 80’s dishes. He challenged me by the end of the night I will be salivating over his rustic and recto creations and i got to inform that night I felt like a Chinese Al Capone in making. It was a sure an opulent night.

Extravagant Cold Dish
Extravagant “Chat Choy Lan Pun” Cold Dish

The dinner started with such an amazing showcase, the Extravagant “Chat Choy Lan Pun” Cold Dish. Something that gave me a shock. I have seen this dish before that would be at the age of 12. The seen one was rather a smaller dome placed as the centre piece of a hot & cold dish. It was done with simplicity, cooked chicken strips bind with gelatined soup but not as the deliciously one prepared by Chef Woo himself.

Chef Woo’s cold dish was done with precision, refine craftmanship served in a large dome shape filled with chunks of abalone, unshelled cooked king prawn and chunks of cooked village chicken and encased with gelatined superior broth. The edge of the dish was lined with century eggs and sweet pickled ginger.

As to enhance the taste of this dish, Chef Woo had prepared a deep orangy tasty sweet sauce. Having it poured over and lacing the gelatine layer, the dish was ready to be indulged. It was a truly mind blowning taste. Biting into the tender chilled abalone texture over the slightly hinted sweet sauce was truly delicious. It was noticeable that the sauce had enhance the dish well giving it a body to the dish. So was the chicken and prawns. I love it. I would not mind taking the left over home but it was wiped cleaned with the diners that night. Be aware that this dish may need a day or two advance order.

Extravagant Cold Dish 1

Kwai Far Chee
Kwai Far Chee” Pan Fried Scramble Eggs without Shark Fin

The next dish did brings back a lot of my chilhood memory. It was my favourite dish at Hong Toh Restaraunt in Old Town Ipoh. Here the “Kwai Far Chee” Pan Fried Scramble Eggs without Shark Fin was brilliantly excuted. There were biting texture of shark fin in it but it was strips of imported jelly.

I just love the way of eating this dish. Placing the desired sauce and scramble eggs on the lettuce while carefully wrapped before indulging it. Easily can have 3 to 4 helpings. It was a jewel.

Pomfret fish

Yet another star dish came without any hesistation on top our large round table. It was a fish dish served in 3 different ways.

Creative? Definitely. New? Not really! On the scene? My first time experience. Ingenious? Yes for sure!

Steamed, Deep Fried & Stir Fried. A large Pomfret fish was put into the task!

Steam Pomfret

At here I got to confess that the whole pomfret was put into use. The fillet was refinely skined off with the use of a long sharp knife and eventually thinly sliced. The sliced fillets were then used as wrappers over sliced carrot and mushroom while tied over with string of spring onion. Well and gently arranged on the serving plate and laced with whisk egg and let to steam to perfection.

Stir fried Pomfret

While the left over pomfret with in-tagged flesh was then cleverly taken out for a gentle stir frying over the work with diced onion, carrot and red pepper. Lovely texture, felt great after having a bite. I had a few pieces wothout any of a doubt.

Deep Fried Pomfret

“Never have wastage”, explained Chef Woo.He ingeniously had the fish bones chopped into pieces and had them deep fried. It was really crisp and tasty. I just munched them up bits by bits, it was really good. In no time there were none left on the plate. It was all gone. Got to say we love it.

Pei Pah Ngap

Another type of duckling roasting will be the “Pei Pah Ngap” open cavity roasting. The outer part was crisp to my liking and the meat was moist and more fragrant compare to the normal roasting. It surely taste better.

Braised pork knuckle

Next came the whole well braised pork knuckle, soft and tender. I find it just a bit mild in flavour, need some anise star or cinammon stick to boast up the flavour. While the texture is well balanced and great colour.

Saigon Prawn

Saigon Prawns tasted excellent that came with sizzling copper tray. We were not reommended to use cast iron plate for the sizzling due to rust. It was hot and sizzling that came witha sweet and sourish taste. Goes well with white rice.


The last dish was the “Pat Kin Pat San” Will Not Depart Till We Meet, a rustic beancurd dish that topped with a unique and strong flavour of minced pork, salted egg and dried shrimp. It was truly a meal cleanser for the night. Just as classic you can imagine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . was truly thrilled, Sidney Kan

Restaurant Woo Ng Kee
545, 546, 547, Jalan E3/7,
Taman Ehsan
Selangor, 52100
Tel No: 03-6274-2305


  • Leo Yap
    May 24, 2011 - 8:41 pm | Permalink

    WOW…let’s go to eat! Hope can make it ASAP…

  • May 24, 2011 - 11:34 pm | Permalink

    I love the fried fish bone, very crunchy & addictive!

  • May 25, 2011 - 3:16 am | Permalink

    I can’t decide which dish looks most delicious but I think its Chat Choy – I’d love to try that.
    ayngelina´s last blog post ..Craving routine on the road

  • May 28, 2011 - 2:06 pm | Permalink

    most of the food looks yum love the Decorations on it~!
    nella´s last blog post ..Best NLP books for beginners

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