Wan Jia Restaurant Taman Wangsa Permai Kepong

Wan Jia Restaurant Frog
Deep Fried Bentong Ginger and Fresh Frog Meat

The deeper we looked, we make a fabulous discovery not far from Moon Sing Restaurant. Hidden truly inside at the corner of a housing estate we found Wan Jia Restaurant at Taman Wangsa Permai. I was told that this restaurant had been operating for nearly to 6 years now and still going on very well. The food I had was truly well polish with delight, it was jewel to me personally. My discovery was truly worth every dollar that we paid on that evening.

Deep Fried Bentong Ginger and Frog Meat was astonishing exciting and delicious. The meat was really fresh, juicy, meaty too and crisp on the outside. I discovered that this dish was accompanied with to die for, crispy and delicious Bentong ginger chips. It was really good. It is a must have dish. Unique and deliciously yet different. Full of simplicity.

Wan Jia Restaurant Seaweed Roll
Deep Fried Seaweed Roll and Jelly Fish Salad

Next we were chopsticking into the seaweed fish paste roll. The fish and prawn paste were put into play and it was really good, good firm texture. I just like the involvoment of the seaweed, rolled over the paste and covered with beancurd sheet on the outside. Crisp deep fried to prefection till golden brown and thickly sliced. On the centre, there were lovely tasty jelly fish salad done in Thai way, my way!. Lots of tenderlizing sliced shallots (small onion), lime and hinted with lemongrass. It was truly a good contrast dish with duo taste. Lovely and not too heavy to start off with.

Wan Jia Restaurant Chicken
Poach Village Chicken

I just adored this village chicken dish. Soft, tender in texture, moist and fragrant. With the combination of coarse chopped bentong ginger and corriander leafs dip, the chicken just explored in my mouth. It was so tasty. The chicken skin was crunchy to taste while the supreme soy sauce was fabulous infused at the right spot. Just fabulous!

Wan Jia Restaurant Ginger Dip
Bentong Ginger Dip

Wan Jia Restaurant Claypot Chinese Carp
Claypot Chinese Carp

The Claypot Chinese Carp is a must order dish. Superbly executed. Very well thought and crafted dish. Lovely technique and execusion. It was interesting to find two simple ingredients being put into such a superb play. Raw sliced shallots (small onion) and a touch of thinly sliced “Tong Kwai”. Ending with a superb delicous crafted supreme soy sauce to accompanied the Chinese carp. The fish itself was truly refine in texture and what makes me tickled was the thickness of the sliced fish. Biting into it was just so pleased. Just superb.

Wan Jia Restaurant Prawn
Baked Big River Prawns

Something exclusive, try their baked huge river prawns. It was like having a fiesta, a great celebration. I like this style of cooking and presentation, served dry and easy to eat. Fragrant and flavoursome. Ingeniously created with “Tong Kwai” powder and also finished off baked cheese. Just classic! An expensive dish but worth to order !

Wan Jia Restaurant Salted Egg Yolk Crab
Salted Egg Yolk Crab

Then came the fragrant salted egg yolk crab with a different style. Here at Wan Jia Restaurant, It was done dry and sandy. Taste wise it was good and rather different. Here I found out the cooking as slightly different as crushed biscutcrumbs was carefully infused into the cooking. I find it rather unique.

Wan Jia Restaurant Sunny Yaw
Crabbing with Sunny Yaw

Wan Jia Restaurant La La
Poached Clams with Superior Broth

I love having clams and most of the time I have it in “Kam Heong”. Here it was a different style all together. We had a different type of clams, slighty bigger than the normal ones. The clams are freshly imported from the Philippines. The clam meat came in bright attractive orangy in colour and the meat was succulent and delicious. Here we have them with simple delicious superior broth and a hint of infused Chinese wine. A must order dish!

Wan Jia Restaurant Tau Foo Pok
“Kong Sai” Stuffed Bentong Dry Beancurd

I just love bumping on the this next dish, “Kong Sai” stuffed Bentong dry beancurd. The texture of the beancurd was unique and different from the normal one that I usually get from the wet market. These ones are specially brought in from Bentong. The stuffing was truly good, nice bouncy texture.Culinary delicious.

Wan Jia Restaurant Homemade Too FU
Homemade Egg Yolk Beancurd

We end our meal with the homemade egg yolk beancurd. Freshly steamed beancurd with the combination of a good soya milk and freah egg yolk is a must. It was good and deliciously prepared. It was truly a satisfying meal we had and defintely had impressed me for sure. I had a truly great discovery here at Wan Jia . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . Sidney Kan

Wan Jia Restaurant

Wan Jia Restaurant
2 & 4, Jalan Wnagsa 3/6
Taman Wnagsa Permai
52200 Kepong
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 6277 9802


  • March 31, 2011 - 12:48 pm | Permalink

    so many dishes with Bentong ginger? Their specialties in Bentong food?
    mimid3vils´s last blog post ..Restaurant Pin Xiang

  • March 31, 2011 - 2:10 pm | Permalink

    Wow, that Village Poach Chicken looks like he’s sleeping. The frog legs look great! I’ve only eaten frog legs (and snails) at French restaurants.
    Gerard Iribe´s last blog post ..Apocalypse- World War II Blu-ray Review

  • March 31, 2011 - 9:00 pm | Permalink

    Goodness you are braver than I could ever be! 😀
    Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen´s last blog post ..chocolate blueberry truffles a sweet surprise

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