The Comedy Club Kuala Lumpur

The Comedy Club Kuala Lumpur

Last Wednesday nite, Julia invited me for an awesome and yet splendid LIVE International stand-up comedy featuring Jacques Barrett(AUS). An Australia’s fastest rising comedy star with several awards under his belt. The fabulous Susan Murray (UK), probably the best female stand-up in Britain. Then the luscious star, Sugar Sammy (CAN), comedy’s rock star primed to be the next Russell Peters. With this major stars that night came our terrific local fame Andrew Neto who hosted the show..

the comedy club kuala lumpur
Andrew Neto, Sugar Sammy, Jacques Barrett & Susan Murray

I just loved it, the last one I attended was the one during the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland. That was way way back. I found my comfort. Lovely. They were brave talkers, what came out can truly brighten your day wth such laughter and joy.

Julia and friends

andrew neto
Andrew Neto The Host

sugar sammy
Sugar Sammy

sugar sammy 1

Sugar Sammy – 2009 Sydney Comedy Festival

jacques barrett
Jacques Barrett

Jacques Barrett – Adelaide Fringe 2011

susan murray
Susan Murray

Susan Murray-Turkish Bloke

the comedy club kuala lumpur 1
The Crew of The Day from The Comedy Club Kuala Lumpur `

It was a fantastic night and I was left with such a great happy moments! Yes I will definitely be there on the next act at The Comedy Club Kuala Lumpur. . . . . . . . . . fabulous act, Sidney Kan

Ticketpro : 03 7880 7999

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