St Patrick’s Day Food Trail at Deutsches Gasthaus 5 Part Two

Deutsches Gasthaus 5 Roasted pork loin with GUINNESS® sauce
Roasted Pork Loin with GUINNESS® Sauce

Having so many superb dishes can be such a divine occasion, I felt just like having an awesome Christmas party but it is definitely a St Patrick’s Day. Got to give a huge applause to GUinness for organising such an amazing occasion. Already had a few gigantic dishes then came the Roasted Pork Lion with GUINNESS® sauce. The pork loin was lovely, truly moist and having such a tenderness texture had gave an awesome goodness feeling. I felt so blessed indeed. It was spot on. Guinness sauce infused the taste and flavour. Fabulous.

Deutsches Gasthaus 5 GUINNESS® chicken with BBQ sauce
GUINNESS® Chicken with BBQ Sauce

String wrapped Roasted Chicken with fillings was perfectly executed. It was roasted golden brown with slightly crisp outside. Nice. The side dishes accompanied was truly tasty, This is definitely a dish to order if you are not into pork or beef. You will never go wrong! :)

Deutsches Gasthaus 5 crispy pork knuckle
Crispy Pork Knuckle

We were slightly naughty just like little spoilt kids wanting more, not because we are hungry but we wanted to taste more of the awesome food here. Can you believe us, 6 of us continue ordered a huge pork knuckle. But I got to say we had make a good choice. It was so beautifully done, The skin was so crisp and just went on crackling in our mouth. We were gazing at it just like little cavemen. The meat was truly moist and juicy. It was lovely! A must order Pork Knuckle!

Deutsches Gasthaus 5 Homemade pasta nero
Homemade Pasta Nero

Pasta Nero was unique. A black homemade pasta pan fried with chilli. It was delicious as the juice of the prawns infused into the whole pasta. It was truly good for me, such a comfort food. :)

Deutsches Gasthaus 5 Strawberry ice cream apple pie
Strawberry Ice Cream Apple Pie

We shared the desserts as we were quite full by then. We had a lovely soft tasty apple pie topped with double scoop of strawberry ice cream. It was lovely. My favourite dessert.

Deutsches Gasthaus 5 tiramisu

The Tiramisu was fabulous. It was heavily coated with rum I think (sorry I was so into my eating that I did not bother about the alcohol as it was fantastic). It had such a rich cocoa powder caoted on top of the tiramisu. It was rich and lovely.

Deutsches Gasthaus 5 Vanilla ice cream pancake
Vanilla Ice Cream Pancake

For a second it looked like an octopus but it was yet another delicious Vanilla Ice Cream Pancake. It wsas truly delicious. Freshly sliced and soft pancakes were put into play. Having it with ice cream was truly comfort. We love it.

Deutsches Gasthaus 5
Deutsches Gasthaus 5

I am so satisfied with the food prepared by Deutsches Gasthaus 5, every dish is special and deliciously prepared. So let’s celebrate this St Patrick’s Day with awesome delicious food and piints Guinness! . . . . . . . Sidney Kan
All these awesome delicious Gunniess infused dishes will be available at Deutsches Gasthaus 5, during their GUINNESS® St. Patrick’s Party happening on 9th March, Wednesday, 9pm-12 midnight.

Contact & Address:
Deutsches Gasthaus 5
G-Floor, K-Gallery, Lot 44667,
Jalan 1/60A,
Bandar Manjalara, Kepong,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6274 8300


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