Rogers Delight at Kota Damansara

Curry Duck with Yam
Curry Duck with Yam

The Curry Duck with Yam itself speaks for itself. The yam was well cooked, soft and tender and so was the duck. VEry fklavourful done. On that night the dish itself had a slight discomfort burning taste diie to overcooking of the claypot dish. But I think it will definitely be a great yet an authentic dish. Something you may not find else where. Definitely one of the most authentic recipe I ever discovered.

fish head curry
Curry Fish Head

The fish was superbly done with Garoupa fish head. I was not too over powering. The curry taste was well retained and I suspected a good grade of curry powder was put into play. Tender tasty fish head curry with a given thumbs up! :)

Jaclyn Chew

Salted Egg Yolk Crab
Salted Egg Yolk Crab

It was amazing seeing Jaclyn Chew indulging the next dish, her favourite Salted Egg Yolk Crab. Liking her finger was how extensive it went. Yes I was really delicious. Refreshing taste with a hint of saltiness and the freshness of the crab truly mystified this dish with such an enjoyment and yet pleasure.

coconut curry prawns
Coconut Curry Prawns

Yet another perfect dish with awesome licking curry sauce was the Coconut Curry Prawns. I find it rather unique having to include coconut water and young coconut flesh in the cooking. It had a natural sweetness infused into the curry and munching the tender young coconut flesh over the big prawns was really a terrific thing to do, I don’t mind downing with another round of such pleasure. :)

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