Rogers Delight at Kota Damansara

roger delight
Roger Delight

Roger Delight sounds very American, just like the diners. But don’t let of such to fool you, Roger Delights is a newly opened Chinese cuisine outlet located just about my neighbourhood here at Kota Damansara. The owner/chef Roger Chong had recently flown back from US to set up his restaurant after spending his culinary venture. With his wide experience in authentic Chinese cuisine, Nyonya cuisine would be his pick for this restaurant. The food here is absolutely delicious with a touch of authenticness. Lovely.

assam prawns
Assam Prawn Candid Short

The feast on that night was plannned and organised by Ah Bok who is a well known foodie and loves eating. There were about a bunch of 10 guests were gathered for that night food indulging and everyone was waiting to be pampered. I was truly well taken care, the spread of dishes placed on the dining table was truly lavish..

Dried Prwan Sambal with Okra
Dried Prawn Sambal topped over Okra

One of my favourite was the Dried Prawn Sambal topped over Okra, it was very tasty. The okra was well blenched over boiliing hot water till chrunchy on the outside while soft and tender inside. The Dried Prawn Sambal was smashingly delicious and flavoured the okra so perfectly. A hint of sweetness and spiked with a little heat coming from the spices and chilli. It was lovely and yet so well authentic, I think. Love it.

Ah Bok
Ah Bok

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