MCY Restaurant Desa Aman Puri

MCY Reetaurant

This time I am so lucky as I was on a food trail together with Master Chef Steven Cheng. So after the thrill of indulging the duck satay, Master Chef Steven took me to the next door restaurant, the MCY Restaurant also located at Desa Aman Puri. My observation, the two row of new shop lots had some awesome tenants and each tenant churns out a variety of different flavours ranging from Chinese cuisine to authehtic Thai. It will be such an awesome place to explore especially people like myself a hungry foodie. The area also has plenty of parking spaces and clean, definitely a new place to be thrilled with awesome food and gourmet of talents to be discovered.

Crispy Chicken with FIsh Paste
Crispy Chicken with Fish Paste

The first dish that came was the most rustic dish I ever had. I had not seen such dish being served and I still can recall of having it when I was just a liitle kid. It was the Cripy Chicken Skin stuffed with Fish Paste, one of MCY’s top signature dish. It was done so refinely well. I would say, well calculative, every step was done with such detailed. It may look easy but not every chef’s cup of tea. Technique must be spot on. The chicken skin need to be dried well before placing the fresh seasoned fish paste. Then follwed with deep frying till golden brown.

I was left with such an amazing taste of crispiness texture and the refining taste of the springy fish paste. Definitely a very authentic Chinese dish, A must try!

Steamed Chinese Carp with minced ginger
Steamed Chinese Carp with Minced Ginger

Then I had my pair of eyes widely opened when the next fish dish made it’s way to the our table. It was a huge thick fillet of steamed Chinese carp. It was a lovely sight and taste. Trust me it was really steameed to perfection and topped with chunks of minced ginger. garlic and spring onion. It was very meaty and the texture was firm and fresh. It was one of the best fish dish I ever had.

Stir Fried Prawn with dry shrimp
Pan Fried Prawns with Chilli Dry Shrimp

The prawns were pan fried and coated with chilli and minced dry prawn. The prawns were sizeable and fresh. It was very enjoyeable and the taste was bold and strong in flavour. It went very well with my white rice.

Red Wine Ribs
Red Wine Ribs

The spare ribs were gorgeous as the red wine sauce was used in this dish. The crisp deep fried spare rib was very tasty and refreshing and I had a few of them. Nice! A must order!

Baby Choy Sum
Baby Choy Sum with Garlic

The Baby Hong Kong Choy Sun was crunchy to taste and topped with whole cooked garlic. It was tender and lovely. I was truly lucky to discover yet another fabulous eatery not far from my place here in Kepong. If you are in this neighbourhood, do give MCY a try as I find them really good, great atmosphere, delicious food! . . . . . . a thumbs up, Sidney Kan

MCY Restaurant
No 19-A, Tingkat Bawah
Jalan Desa 2/8
Desa Aman Puri
52100 Kepong
Tel No: 03 6276 3178


  • February 25, 2011 - 8:22 am | Permalink

    oo.. have to go.. everything looks scrumptious!

  • February 25, 2011 - 12:36 pm | Permalink

    The Hong Kong Choy Sum and The Red Wine Rib looks really good
    smallkucing´s last blog post ..Ah Wang Bak Kut Teh- Old Klang Road

  • February 26, 2011 - 6:46 pm | Permalink

    When i seen crispy chicken with fish paste, its no word to say about that. Today, i want to go without any error.
    Kavya Hari´s last blog post ..IPage

  • February 28, 2011 - 3:57 pm | Permalink

    wow.. the ribs look good! Yums!
    Merryn´s last blog post ..Indoor Theme Park @ Genting

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