Herritage Village at Aman Suria

Heritage Village
Heritage Village

It was a sunday early lunch that brought me to Heritage Village, yet another good food around my neighbourhood. I just love the local dishes ranging from street food to typical authentic food, Penang Street food to typical Northen Nyonya gourmet is what I discovered here!

The tables were nearly fully occupied when we arrived and we decided to have the outside table, bright and yet good for photography. We ordered a light lemongrass iced drink and also the three layers iced tea. Refreshing and a true cooler!

Heritage Village Drinks
Iced Lemon Grass & 3Layered Iced Tea


To my surprised, this time we had Dylan joining us on the food trail. A one year old little toodler who loves food. :) He was raving at the Acar Hu, a very authentic Nyonya fish. It was so pretty and glamourously presented just right infront of me. Lovely! A love at the first sight.

The garnish was so refinely done, very attractive to my opinion. The fish was fresh but I was told the dish will taste even better if left to the next day as when the sauce sipped into the fish completely. Oh my, the dish was so eye melting! My Acar Hu!

Heritage Village Fish
“Acar Hu” Pickled Fish

Heritage Village Kuay Teow
“Char Kuey Teow” Fried Flat Rice Noodle

With strong pungent smelt of the wok, my Char Kuey Teow arrived with such an appealing colour, pinkish red due to the glazing of chilli paste. The noodle used here was a bit slightly thicker compared to the ones in Penang. The taste off course cannot be compareable with Penang’s Ah Ling Fried Kuey Teow but it will do for my craving, instant subsitute! lol!

Heritage Village NAsi Lemak
“Nasi Lemak” Chicken Curry served with Coconut Rice

I had a taste of my neighbour’s Nasi Lemak which was lovely, a tender rendang chicken served over a large portion of rice, fried anchovies, half portion of egg and sambal. Not too bad, tasty as it looked but I would had preferred more of the rendang sauce! :)

Heritage Village Otak Otak Sandwich
Otak-Otak Sandwich

Unique way of eating my toasted bread with otak-otak, a steamed/baked seafood egg with infused fresh chilli and herbs. It was simply delicious and light! Something rather different. I like it!

Heritage Village Assam Laksa
Assam Laksa

Wow! Tell me about assam laksa now. I think I found another delicious place to indulge a bowl of refined assam laksa. It was done at the right taste, sweetness and sourness. Very very addictive! I just want to take the a bowl home! :)

Heritage Village otak otak

This was the best of all, their whole otak-otak wrapped in banana leafs. It was holy large than I had expected and the even had daun keduk in it which flavour the whole dish! I just amazed the height of the otak otak, nice and very attractive. My desire of eating it was truly 100% till I did not want to let it go! “hmmmmm so delicioous. One more please!”

Ju Hu Char
Ju Hu Char

My my I am truly pampered by now as forking into the Ju Hu Char was such pleaser. it was so fabulous delicious turst me! It was uniquely done, one my mum usually had it slight wet with sauce but here it was served dry. Yes it was fabulous. It has finely sliced dried cuttlefish infised which enchance the taste and fragrant the whole dish. Sliced sengkuang was put into play. It was good! a must order dish which definitely impress anyone like myself! :)

Heritage Village Durian Cendol
Cendol Durian

Wow, I got myself caught with their cendol for dessert. It may not be your favourite but I was impressed as I love anything with durian. It really insed well twith the cendol but you can still opt your cendol without the durian! :) Heritage Village yet another awesome place to have breakfast, lunch or even dinner as the food churned here it really good! . . . . . . . I like it, Sidney Kan

Herritage Village
D-G-31, PJU 1/45, Aman Suria
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


  • February 28, 2011 - 7:37 pm | Permalink

    These dishes all look amazing, the only dish I’ve been able to try here in the U.S. is Char Kuey Teow, but perhaps one day, I’ll have the chance to visit Malaysia.
    Jeanette´s last blog post ..Super Sauces – Spinach Basil Pesto and Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

  • February 28, 2011 - 9:41 pm | Permalink

    The cutey toddler Dylan sure knows good food when he sees some… kakaka!
    Jennifer´s last blog post ..Penang Food Crawl- Ah Leng Char Koay Teow

  • March 1, 2011 - 2:47 pm | Permalink

    Interesting otak-otak sandwich, would like to try ~
    mimid3vils´s last blog post ..Ecoba Eat Chill Oogle

  • March 2, 2011 - 10:32 pm | Permalink

    the char kuay teow and ju hu char looks very delicious leh..
    [SK]´s last blog post ..28022011 銀紙靚靚

  • March 2, 2011 - 10:32 pm | Permalink

    and i like the otak-otak sandwich, kind of special.. looks like the normal sardine sandwich right?? i hope it taste nice too, haha..
    [SK]´s last blog post ..28022011 銀紙靚靚

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