Discovery of New Flavours at MED.@Marche-Live Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Pesto Pizza Marche Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Marche’s Pesto Pizza

Year end 2010 is coming to a close very soon, every second counts and can be very subtle too. I love 2010, it was full of great memories and joy. Working with great people, people who mentor us indirectly and most important the ones who gave us & BBO the opportunity. You know who I am talking about. You all had been fabulous! Yet 2011 will be the tremendious year in coming for us to look forward with our face look front and march! :) Am I too direct, I hope not . . . . I am just overwhelming with the current and in coming happenings! :)

While having to be invited to taste a list of new dishes from a new menu can be truly exciting. It was an exciting gastromical adventure. Forking into every dishes can be such a surprise with flavours and tastes. One thing, every dishes was excitingly delicious. Well crafted by it’s Executive Sous Chef Paul Lewis. I was told that Chef Paul himself planned this menu with pure dedication with one mission, to leave his guests and KL diners hungry for more.

That night the guests, the nine of us started of with a light Marche’s Pesto Pizza. It was truly fragrant and tasty. Thin crust and a homemade pizza base. Make sure to have the pizza when it is stilll warm and crispy! I like it, it’s simple!

Ruffino Aziano
Ruffino Aziano

Having to start with a red Ruffina Aziano wine was truly a good pairing on that night. The Aziano was nice and it was a medium-bodied red wine filled with aromas of black cherries, chocolate and nut, not forgetting a hint of oak.

Brodetto Marche Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The wine paired well with Brodetto it was truly fragrant and smooth. Brodetto a tomato based soup infused with seafood, garlic, tomato, saffron and white wine vinegar. The taste of the Brodetto was bold and heavier that night compared to the one I had, lighter and refreshing. It was still adoreable lovely.

Linguine  Marche Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur

I just love homemade pasta here at Marche, the linguine was truly lovely, I spotted, it was topped with a large spoon of luscious cream. Amazing it was when it was mixed with the base sauce. It was excellent, it was bold in taste, smooth and rich. Truly my pasta. Not forgetting of those awesome tiger prawns and scallops were paraded infused with garlic, chilli parsley and tomato. It was such a striking looking dish! Can easily capture anyone!

Penne Marche Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur

This next pasta dish was surprisingly fabulous. It was flavaful fragrant, the present of mushroom can easily indentified. It was Chef Paul’s Penne layered over wild mushrooms and awesome expensive truffle and also some cut chives. I also love those large shaved parmesan cheese. It smelts like heaven to me! So graceful done.

Tortellini Marche Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur

A well crafted pasta skin made into tortellini is not an easy thing to excute. The right pasta thickness and softness definitely it’s secret to have a successful tortellini dish. Having it stuffed with goat cheese was truly my desire. It was smooth and flavaful. Having it with tyme, roast pumpkin and balsamic vinger, the whole dish turned into a dynamic excellent dish. It was well executed.


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    Wow, that meal is terrific! Every dish looks so scrumptious.



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    Those food are killing me!!
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    Wow lovely food,really delicious ,awesome,fabulous,I think there is no more words,thanks for sharing…

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    Nice foods man~
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    as usual, you ordered a lot of nice foodssss~ :)
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    And here is Meggie 😀

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