Weekend Cocktails with pairing Canapes

Movida Midori Martini
Midori Martini

Having a relax weekend is something I would love to indulge into. Jumping into one at anytime, anywhere and whenever I can would be just the thing to do. One way is to have a strings of delicious cocktail with a few awesome friends and some great light food. In Kuala Lumpur there are plenty of such great places and I was recommended to one. When I landed at the venue that day, I have six great delicious cocktails and you should see how merry I was but definitely it will not get me into a marriage as yet.

Not only the cocktails were at their best, I found their canapes were terrific too. I would say it was an awesome marriage, it was the perfect pairing, the cocktails and the canepes just came haunting me over and over again. I was left with full of lust and it just mesmerizing.

Next, I make sure I get to meet up with the creators, Joe Michael and Chef Shan. Joe Michael a great mixologist himself knows his every cocktails by heart and never fails to tempt me for another round. Just delicious! While having eight years of experience, I am sure nothing can stop him from not creating lovely drinks. As for Chef Shan, a young fabulous chef and keep churning delicious food. He is just only 38years old. I just love fingering into his charming delicious and creative food. Not to mention the presentation. He crafts great Mediterranean and Italian dishes just to my liking. Tasty and exciting.

Joe had a Midori Maritini for me, it was nice, light and refreshing. Chef Shan pair it with something delicious too. I found it rather unique. He created me a simple delicious tomago a sweet egg omelet topped with delicious layered sliced smoked salmon and laced over with tasty citrus mayo and black caviar. Both of this pairing was so addictive. I can just live with it the whole day, don’t all of us! 😉 It was terrific

Making Cocktail: The Midori Martini
Pour about 30ml Midori into the shake. The add in 30ml Martini Bainco. Place in crushed ice and give it a shake. Pour it into the serving glass over a strainer and serve it witha black olive.

Movida Sex on the Beach
The Sex on the Beach

Next came my tropical cocktail delight, The Sex on the Beach. It was truly refreshing, bold in taste i think. I noticed the drink came in an attractive light yellowish green while most places had it pink (if I am right :) ). It was truly fruity in taste, smell good too. I think the ladies would die for this! Definitely a thirst relieve drink! Truly tasty, had it crafted well! Not I was excited, the gorgeous lady who was chatting with me also found Chef Shan’s grill scallop was truly made in heaven. Simple and packaged into a bit size canape. Cleverly he was. Having his grilled scallop placed beautiful on a thick sliced cucumber, topped over with mangao salsa that gacve the sexiness to this canape. Laced with chilli coriander olive oil and drizzled at side with balsamic reduction. Gorgeous! How can one resist of such temptation food.

Making Cocktail: The Sex on the Beach
Plae 30ml Midori Melon into the shaker. Add in 30ml Vodka and 15ml Strawberry Liquer. Pour in 90ml Pineapple juice and also 30ml Orange juice. Add in a bit of crush ice, shake it. Pour it over a tall glass filled with crushed ice. Serve chilled.

I just love this experience, I am sure you too. great place to be for a relaxing weekend. I start mine early lol!. Movida just happen to me near my place, getting there is so easy. I will be sharing more of my thiirst relaxing cocktail with you next weekend. Have a great cocktail weeknd! . . . . . Sidney Kan loves it! :)

MOVIDA Kitchen+Bar+Club Lounge
Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara
website: www.movida.my


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    LOL. SEX in the Beach….just bought that the other day…the drink i meant
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    3 words – very nice photos

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    I wish I could taste it too!!! It’s relaxing, indeed^^
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