Sauces, Dips & Tips by Lau Foo Sun

Sauces Dips n Tips

I found this book to be so irresistable upon finding that there are more than 350 handy recipes on sauces and dressings. It definitely will make my life easy and foremost it will definitely brings lots of variety of flavours into my daily cooking. It contains all sorts of sauces, dips and condiments for Asian and Western cuisine and even a section for sweet and savoury sauces for dessert.

I like the tomato sauces and I also found barbeque sauce that make my weekend fabulous. Easy to follow recipes are what I am looking and I found them on this book. From luscious satay sauce to tasty sambal belacan sauce are all irresistable, a must to try. Surpsingly I find it to be a great bargain as the book just cost RM39.90 that come with 420pages, compact and easy to hold. It’s a great book.

Sauces Dips n Tips Author

Foo-Sun Lauis a veteran food connoisseur, culinary and wine critic and judge as well contributor to food magazines. He firmly believes that sauces are an integral part of food be it Asian or Western cuisine and can make or break a dish. His advice is to start with a good basic stock and add a dash of alcohol to bring out the best side in a sauce . . . . . Sauces, Dips and Tips will help you to enhance foor to taste exquisite.

Foo-Sun has also published two books on wine , A Comprehensive Professional Wine Reference and Appreciationof Vines and Wines.

I got a copy of Sauces, Dips & Tips by Lau Foo Sun from Marshall Cavendish and I would love to give away to a lucky reader . . . . . I got this book now tucked nicely in the kitchen, Sidney Kan


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    That book sounds so interesting! Sauces and dips are so versatile and delicious. I’d love to win it…



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    This book is a good collection, and it’s very useful too. I would love to have one. :)
    Little Inbox´s last blog post ..Flour Noodle Soup aka Pan Meen

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    This is a great book.. I would love to own it.
    Miranda Ward´s last blog post ..Cool Giveaway Site

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    I want the book!
    iamthewitch´s last blog post ..Smooth and Tender Village Chicken at Kong Sai

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    I love all cookbooks and all sauces and dips.
    i have a lot of get together at my house and my friends and family love my dips.
    Teresa Choplin´s last blog post ..Another Great Giveaway Site

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