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One of my favourite restaurant in Kuala Lumpur would definitely be MED.@Marche-Live overseen by a rising and dashing good looking chef, Chef Paul Lewis. This talent of this Aussie chef can easily be spotted through his MIGF menu, it was a well crafted seven course feast with individual taste and unique experience. Together with it’s a modern chic spacious interior, my whole dining experience that night was amazing beautiful. It was truly impressive.

Chef Paul Lewis

Chef’s creations had amazed me all the time till even now. My last dining experience was four months back when this dashing good looking hunk chef arrived in Kuala Lumpur, that night was a superb dinner and for this current MIGF, he had his creation spot on. It was flavourful, simple and most, it was superbly tasty. One of his dish was the Brodetto that had kept me wanting more. It was truly exotically addictive and so pleasureable.

Rufino Aziano Chianti Classico DOCG
Rufino Aziano Chianti Classico DOCG was paired with Chef’s creation.

Chef Paul Lewis 1

He is a serious chef, every dish is so well captured and presented. When I was just sitting infront of the open kitchen, he was already flame torching his entrement. The smell of the caramelizing duck liver was captured through my nostril, it left with a sweet bold fragrant. I saw most prep work was done and was waiting to be executed. We sat back and prepared ourself for a relaxing night with great expectation.

Duck Sandwich, Liver, Prscuitoo, Raisin Jus
Duck Sandwich Liver, Proscuitto, Raisin Jus

I was truly amazed with such a refine creation, the combination of slow sear butter rich duck liver and crispy done homemade proscuitto was so well crafted. The variant of texture that lingered in my mouth was fabulous indeed and not forgeting the presents of thyme. I got to say it was so full balance having to infused with raisin juice that gave the slight sweetness to this dish. It had already caught my attention for the next in coming.

Salmon Crudo
Salmon Crudo

On the same platter at another corner laid the Salmon Crudo, the name of the dish. It was thin slices of salmon with an interesting combination with first layered with an egg curd and mustard while topped with crackling salmon skin and vnegared potato chips and lemon oil. I found it to be not too overpowering the duck sandwich but rather complimented both well. I left with a lighter taste which is really interesting and somehow making me more hungrily wanting to have my next dish.

Brodetto Fresh Local Seafood
Brodetto Fresh Local Seafood

Just a spoon on this dish can just send you straight to heaven. Yes it was that good. I just love it, it was done so perfectly to my liking. First it was tasty, smooth and the broth was amazingly delicious. I liked this as it was not too heavy soup and having to use basic tomato, the soup did not fail to excite me. It was a simple italian broth made of tomatoes, wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic, fresh herbs and seafood served with rustic bread crouton. If I was permitted, I would had licked it clean myself but I had it wiped clean with the large crouton that was served on that night. Yes it was such a pleasureable broth and beautifully presented. “BABY, baby give me one more time!”

Thyme Sherbet with Apricot Tea
Thyme Sherbet with Apricot Tea

The came the palette cleanser, the thyme sherbet with apricot tea. It was light and refreshing and i find it simple and lovely.

Slow Cooked Rump of Lamb Parsnip Ravioli Saffron Poached Vegetable Jus
Slow Cooked Rump of Lamb Parsnip Ravioli Saffron Poached Vegetable Jus

It was definitely tender especially how the slow cooked rump of lamb was being prepared. It was seared caramilised first before being ventured into slow cooked in the oven for 2-3hours. Having a homemade pasta dough encased with parsnip mousse and braised rooted vegetables with lamb stock, vanilla and saffron, the combination had made the whole dish so pleasingly tasty. Definitely the flavours were truly encased with richness and smell. Nicely down.

Gorgonzola Toffee Crusted
Gorgonzola Toffee Crusted

I was a bit worried when knowing that I will be served with a plate of Gorgonzola Cheese. I do have a few misses when it come to having Gorgonzola chesse as I am not a great fan of it. Now I got to say I got mesmerized by this creation. The combination of the plate did the trick to impressive me. If having the cheese alone would definitely killed my palatte, but the chef himself cleverly infused the combination of sweet caramlised toffee binding the cheese while having the present of strong fragrant kumquat and refreshing thin sliced apple that tranformed the whole Gorgonzola creation into a beautiful tasty dish. It was lovely, sweet and full of bold flavours. It just stuck me off with delight and admirations. It was spot on!

traditional Tiramisu
Traditional Tiramisu

To end with a sweet note, a traditional refreshing tiramisu was served. It was delicious and moistly done.

Renaissance Japanese Chef Yasutoshi Ito, Chef Paul Lewis and Chinese Chef Tan Kim Weng

The food at MEd.@Marche-Live did charm me till the end as it was perfectly crafted and was well presented. Definitely Chef Paul Lewis is one of the up rising star in town. I just love his creation and I will definitely be dining here again soon . . . . . . . . truly enjoyed a refined food, Sidney Kan


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    Wow….the tattoo on his hand >.< Geng!
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  • October 22, 2010 - 3:46 pm | Permalink looks delicious
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    Cool tattoo, haha
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    pigpigcorner: I was told he had his body tatoo too, A must see! lol!

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    Looks deluxe!! Both food and tattoo, hahaha!
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    Love the brodetto a lot! So fresh and appetizing
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    Such a glorious spread! And a cute chef too! LOL!
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